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Cientos de propietarios nos confían la gestión integral de sus viviendas. Recibimos continuamente comentarios positivos, los pegamos a continuación.

En Google, obtenemos calificación 4,4 sobre 5.

“I would recommend Madrid Alquila, without any doubt, in fact, I have recommend it to many of my friends”

I would recommend without hesitation Madrid Alquila, because since I am with them they have shown me a great professionalism and have avoided for me many problems with rental issues.
What I like most about Madrid Alquila is that I do not have to worry about anything and I can go on a trip with peace of mind.  

GRATEFUL LANDLORDS "We will see you there. Our relationship with you ends, and I take this opportunity to thank you for all the efforts and your work. Greetings." Lourdes (11-28-23)

GRATEFUL CUSTOMERS "Aware of all the details, I fully agree. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your satisfactory work. Greetings" Mercedes (11-28-23)
THANK YOU "Thank you very much. As said. An unbeatable management. Greetings." Rafael (11-24-23)
WE SOLVE YOUR QUESTIONS AND MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO RENT YOUR NEW HOME "Dear Patricia. I would like to thank you very much for your support in finalizing our apartment rental contract. Your support was wonderful and made our move to Spain easier. You were always very kind and quick to respond respond to all our questions and concerns. A real pleasure to work with you. Thank you very much." Maria Cristina (22-11-23)
PERSONALIZED ATTENTION "Thank you very much for your professionalism and I also appreciate the attention that I have received from all the employees of your company whenever I have requested it. Receive a cordial greeting" Ana (11-12-23)
SATISFIED CLIENTS "As always, very satisfied with your work, thank you. Best regards" Mercedes (11-06-23)
ATTENTION OF 10 "Thank you very much for your attention!! My rating is 10, the response has been very fast. Thank you." Regina (11-06-23)
DEDICATION "Thank you very much Patricio, amazing photos and advertisement. Greetings." Rafa (10-30-23)
PERFECT IN RESOLUTIONS "Good afternoon, I'm Joaquín, a tenant. Unfortunately we had a couple of problems when we got to the apartment (the washing machine and a leak in the sink), but fortunately everything is already fixed, so I want to thank you for the professionalism and speed with which Álvaro has solved both problems for us and the good treatment received throughout the process, attention and work of 10. We hope not to have any more setbacks, but if so, I hope we can count on his help again, full confidence in him . All the best." Joaquín (10-25-23)
KINDNESS "Good morning Marisa. Thank you very much for your attention and kindness. When they rented the house we told them but since they did not need to use it they must have forgotten its existence. I am glad that everything was resolved so quickly. Thank you very much again. An affectionate greeting." Juan Carlos (10-24-26)
WE HAVE AN ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT THAT DOES A VERY EXHAUSTIVE JOB "Good afternoon, Thank you very much for your efficient management, as always. Greetings" Annie (10-09-23)
ATTENTIVE PROFESSIONALS "Very happy with the treatment received, very good professional" Pilar (04-10-23)
EFFICIENT RESOLUTION OF INCIDENTS "Good afternoon, Marisa. This afternoon two workers came to unclog the water accumulated in the patio. In addition, they explained to me how to lift the drain cover in case it rains again to prevent the same thing from happening. I attach the part that you have provided me so that I can deliver it to the administrator. Thank you for your help and for the prompt response. Greetings." Laura (09-06-23)
ATTENTION IN A JOB WELL DONE "I value very positively the attention received from María del Mar C. Best regards." Raúl (09-06-2023)
WE HAVE A TEAM OF EXPERT ACCOUNTANTS "As always I am very satisfied with the work of Mr. Rubén H. Greetings" Mercedes (09-04-2023)
EXCELLENT TREATMENT "Excellent treatment, very satisfied with her work" Pilar (08-10-2023)

INCIDENTS RESOLVED QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY "Good afternoon Marisa. Thank you very much for your quick and efficient action. I have just informed my sister and she totally agrees. Go ahead with the contract extension. Best regards." Maria and Antonio (08-04-2023)

FAST RESOLUTIONS "Once again thank you for the speed of your response. They have already contacted and will come today to solve the problem. Thank you and best regards" Mar (07-27-2023)

PROFESSIONALS TO ASSIST YOU "Marisa, good evening. Two topics in this email: the first is about Teresa. We usually only complain when things go wrong and we forget to acknowledge the good work. I would like to tell you that we are very happy with Teresa's management of the sale of the apartment. She has been there all the time, always with good words, always willing to help and all accompanied by super professional management. Javier (07-20-23)

WE SOLVE YOUR INCIDENTS "Well Nataly, I really liked the attention and the speed with which they have attended and solved the thermos incident. I am also grateful for the attention to the neighbor, I hope the insurance acts in the same way as you do with me, thank you." Andrea Vidal (07-17-23)

Aleays next to you. "Good afternoon Marisa! What I have communicated to you up to now seems to me that you have communicated it to me well and punctually, and for the moment I cannot say anything against it; Thank you very much Marisa!" Araceli (07-14-23)

WE MAKE EVERYTHING EASY FOR YOU "Thank you Marisa, for everything, you make it easy" Alicia (07-04-23)

DILIGENCE "Thank you Antonio, good job and very diligent. José (06-28-23)

METICULOUS "Good afternoon Antonio, Thank you for your work, it is meticulous.." Jesus (06-15-23)

EFFICIENCY "The tenant is very nice and you are charming and efficient. Thank you very much." Maria (09-06-23)

MADRID ALQUILA'S TEAM, AT YOUR SERVICE "Daniel Ramos has taken very good care of me during his absence. Please thank him on my behalf." Paul (06-12-23)

WE SOLVE PROBLEMS "Thank you. It seems to me an adequate service, my problems are attended to and solutions are provided. Thank you" Lourdes (06-7-23)

EXCELLENT EVALUATION "Thank you very much, Cristina. I will review the documentation and we will be in contact. Regarding the evaluation of your service, it is excellent: I have received an answer to all my emails and questions almost immediately, the information provided is very complete and the treatment is very correct. Greetings" Elena (06-01-23)

When the job is well done. "Good morning Nataly. Thank you very much for your quick action, it's nice and calm to know that you handle my affairs. A big hug." Juan Carlos (05-17-23)

Our managers, by your side. "Good morning Antonio: They have already painted the bathroom ceiling today. Thank you very much for your collaboration, which has been extraordinary. Greetings." Enrique (18-05-2023)

GREAT ASSESSMENTS "Good afternoon, Marisa. Thank you very much for all your effort and for your advisory work. I hope these words serve as a positive assessment of your work. I have seen your advice, of course I agree. Thank you, regards." Sara (04-10-23)

EFFICIENCY "Good morning Manuel. Great, thank you very much for taking the steps and leaving everything resolved so efficiently. Regards." Diego (04-05-2023)

EXCELLENCE "For my part, the assessment is excellent. Thank you" Ignacio (04-05-2023)

 DETAILED REPORTS "Good afternoon. Thank you, Antonio, for your thorough report." Carlos (04-04-2023)

PROFESSIONAL WORK "Congratulations Patricio. I really like the photos. As my son says, you are a great professional!" Rafael (03-31-23)

PROFESSIONAL TEAM "I am very satisfied with your services." Ricardo (03-31-2023)

WE MANAGE YOUR INCIDENT EFFECTIVELY "I am very satisfied with your work to repair the TV signal. Regards" Esteban (03-29-23)

FOLLOW-UP "Good afternoon Cristina. The boiler problem has finally been solved! Thank you very much to the owners for our part and to you too for the management and follow-up! Best regards!" Emilio (03-27-23)

SATISFIED TENANT "Thank you very much, good job. Regards." Oscar (03-08-23)

QUICK MANAGEMENT. "Thank you very much for the quick management and please also convey our gratitude to the owner for the replacement of electrical appliances." Rosa (03-08-2023)

RESOLVING PROFESSIONAL TEAM "The report and especially the service received, from each of the people with whom I have had the place to contact, has been incredible. No 'but' to the way of working and dealing with the client. Totally recommended the choice of Madrid Alquila for the management of a property.” José Antonio (2-03-23)

EXCELENCIA "Estamos muy satisfechos con vuestro trabajo desde el primer día, perdona que no conteste hasta ahora,  yo no suelo abrir los correos, pero estamos muy tranquilos porque lo estáis haciendo muy bien, sois todos muy buenos profesionales. Gracias por todo .Un  saludo" (01-03-2023)  

EXCELLENCE "We are very satisfied with your work from day one, sorry I haven't answered until now, I don't usually open emails, but we are very calm because you are doing very well, you are all very good professionals. Thank you for everything. Greetings " (03-01-2023)

GREAT TEAM "Thank you Antonio for your work, he handles the issue of repairs very well, I hope the anomalies are fixed and I reiterate my thanks for your efficiency. Greetings." Victor (02-23-23)

A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR SERVICE "Good morning, Purificación, I wanted to thank you for the work done by Paco last week in the repair of the parquet. He tells me that there are some pieces of wood that have not yet been fully lifted and to let you know. Also comment that we are very happy with the flat since it is comfortable and warm (especially in winter, which means significant savings in energy consumption) and the neighborhood is very quiet, thank you very much, regards." Johan (02-22-23)

EFFICIENT "Perfect. Always so efficient. Thank you very much" Fernando (02-10-2023)

EFFECTIVE "Thank you very much Cristina. As fast and efficient as always. Regards" Mercedes (02-07-2023)

EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENTS "Yes, Antonio, let him change the plate, thank you very much. We are very happy with your very efficient and attentive management. Best regards" Francisco (2-2-2023)

Efficient managers: "Hello, good, the issue of the antenna is already solved and we have connection, thank you very much for the speed, we are delighted with your management. Regards" Andy (02-01-23)
EXCELLENT SERVICE "Good Patricia, thank you very much for the message and information. I attach photos of the mosquito net on the terrace as you asked me. Anything you tell me. Regarding the valuation of the service on your part it has been excellent. I had never rented with real estate due to the extra cost of the commissions that I consider do not contribute much to me as a tenant, but at least the good treatment received from you has meant an improvement in that sense :) Greetings!" Raul (01-31-2023)
EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT "Good afternoon Marisa. Thank you very much for the speed in the procedures. I just made the transfer, which my bank says was immediate." Abigail. (01-30-23)

GREAT TEAM "Hello Rosa, I am very satisfied with your service and that of all your colleagues such as Antonio Rocamora and his team. Thank you very much. Regards" Francisco (01-24-2023)

GREAT TEAM "Hello Rosa, I am very satisfied with your service and that of all your colleagues such as Antonio Rocamora and his team. Thank you very much. Regards" Francisco (01-24-2023)

THEY VALUE OUR WORK "Good morning Cristina, your service has always been very good, but this time due to my lack of funds and the fact that I had to fix the apartment myself and consequently I was going to be in Madrid, I decided to look for a tenant on my own and I already have it agreed. This experience has made me value your service much more, since it has been a real madness for me. If the next time I have to rent it, I am in a position to do so, I will order it from you without a doubt. Thank you very much, Regards." Manuel (20-01-2023)

THEY VALUE OUR WORK "Good morning Cristina, your service has always been very good, but this time due to my lack of funds and the fact that I had to fix the apartment myself and consequently I was going to be in Madrid, I decided to look for a tenant on my own and I already have it agreed. This experience has made me value your service much more, since it has been a real madness for me. If the next time I have to rent it, I am in a position to do so, I will order it from you without a doubt. Thank you very much, Regards." Manuel (01-20-2023)

QUALIFIED TEAM "Very good management Nataly, Thank you very much." Oscar (01-20-2023)

PROFESSIONALS TO ATTEND YOU "Marisa's attention has been perfect. Regards" Esperanza (01-16-2023)

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE "Very happy with the service received. Your service qualified it with an outstanding rating. Thank you" Jose (09-01-23)

EXCELLENT "Hello Antonio! Good morning! The plumber has just come and he had to change everything. For our part, we are very satisfied, excellent work and the plumber is very kind." Sofia (01-05-23)

PROFESSIONAL MANEGERS "I take this opportunity to report on your good management and please notify me of the solution. Thanks." Lourdes (12-27-22)
SOLUTIONS AND SPEED "Good afternoon Antonio, thank you very much from everyone for the management and speed in your responses. We value it very much. Greetings." AnA (16-12-22)
Attention and transparency "Dear Madrid Alquila team, thank you very much for the attention you have given us and for the transparency. We are very satisfied with the service. Good afternoon, Regards." Laura and Ariel (12-15-22)

ASSISTANCE EXPERTS "Good morning Cristina. Thank you very much for the work you have done. The quality of your service is perfect. Regards" Felipe (11-29-2022)

COMPETENT "Thank you Antonio, for your competent management" Enrique (11-28-2022)

EXCELLENT MANAGERS "Good morning Marisa: I inform you that we already have the new washing machine installed, I am attaching the photos (we will keep the instruction manual and other graphic materials). We are very grateful to everyone (and to you in particular) for the speed and professionalism of the entire incidence process.) Every day the Madrid Alquila Agency surprises us more, for the excellence in management, and the good treatment we receive from all employees and technicians... Thank you very much, regards. " Kenya and Raúl (11-25-22)

PROFESSIONAL RESOLUTION OF INCIDENTS "Good morning, Marisa Robles. We are waiting for the Contact of the Technician that will be assigned for this incident. Once again, thank Madrid Alquila, and now you in particular, for the prompt attention to our request, for the professional treatment that we always receive and for the security of solution that this Agency gives to any problem. Best regards." Kenya and Raúl (11-23-2022)

PROFESSIONALISM "Good afternoon again Marisa: I have not remembered what you asked me about your assessment, for my part I have no complaint, you have treated me correctly, and I am happy with your management. If I have to rate you from 1 to 10 , I would give you a 9, more than anything, because we can always improve on things, both you and the rest of the people, and I in the lead. Good week, I await your news. Thank you very much." Nerea (11-23-2022)

FRIENDLY AND FAST AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS "Hi Marisa, thank you very much, as always for your kindness and for the speed of the management, I take note and anything, contact and ask you first." Manuel (11-21-2022)

EXCELLENT ATTENTION "Hello Nataly, good afternoon, thank you for the management. Regarding the treatment, excellent attention. Thank you" Ramón (11-04-22)

PROFESSIONAL TEAM "The assessment that I can make of Puri has to be positive. Phenomenal in information, friendly and very good professional. Greetings." Andres (11-4-22)
GREAT TEAM "Thank you very much Marisa, and very good management of all of you." Emiliano (11-4-2022)
GREAT INCIDENT MANAGEMENT TEAM "Good evening, Marisa. Thank you for all the efforts made, until you reach it. A few days of tension, but surely you were going to do everything necessary. Thank you. Greetings." Ana (11-02-2022)
EXCELLENT QUALITY "In relation to the quality of your excellent service. The response has been very quick and the customer support phenomenal." Marta (10-24-22)

WE ARE AT YOUR DISPOSAL "I appreciate the speed of María del Mar in giving me a clear answer to my question. Thank you very much!" Tania (10-21-22)

PROFESSIONALISM AND KINDNESS "Thank you very much Puri, congratulate the photographer, it looks great! Now you are telling me, once again, thank you for your professionalism and kindness! Greetings." Esther (10-20-22)

POSITIVE REVIEW OF THE PROPERTY "Good morning again. In general the service is very good. You carry out all the paperwork and it allows me to be carefree. You always take care of all the setbacks that appear on my part and that of my tenants. Thanks a lot. Greetings." Gregory (19-10-22)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Good morning. Thank you very much for your good and fast management." Jose Antonio (09-13-22)

EXTRAORDINARY TEAM "Thank you very much Rubén, you are an Extraordinary team…! Best regards" EUSEBIO (09-05-2022)

SATISFIED LANDLORD "Happy with Rosa's work." Jose (09-07-2022)

SATISFIED LANDLORD. "Good afternoon, Rosa. We are satisfied with your attention, your problem-solving capacity, in short, with your work. Thank you. Best regards." Maria del Carmen (08-10-22)

POSITIVE LANDLORD COMMENT ON 2022 ECONOMIC REPORT: "Good evening, thanks for the management, the good assessment. Greetings." Jose Antonio (08-09-2022)

SATISFIED LANDLORD "Thank you very much María del Mar, we are aware of everything and regarding the gas repair we believe that whoever enters will do things to their liking. I believe that the heater is too low and we do not know if it is necessary to replace it, that everything is as It is. My evaluation already has a happy face, although I am not an expert in Internet evaluations. Totally satisfied. Greetings." Antonio (08-09-2022)

LANDLORD WITH OUR PROFESSIONALISM: "Hello, just to say that the Madrid Alquila staff is great and works very well, everyone is very friendly and great professionals. Thank you!! and greetings." Julian (08-16-2022)

SATISFIED TENANT: "Good morning, and sorry for the delay, just to say that I highly value your work, that of Yaiza Arnao and also that of Rubén Holgado. A cordial greeting." Francisco. (08-09-2022)

METICULOUS "Hello. Ok. If she still hasn't answered you, it's because she's very busy until 6. Greetings and thanks for your meticulous management." Enrique (07-28-2022)

GRATEFUL LANDLORD. "Thank you very much Teresa, I have received it correctly. For my part, I am also very grateful for the cordial treatment and the professionalism with which you have managed the rental and sale of the apartment. Thank you very much to you and your entire team. I enclose the proof of the transfer and I am waiting for the liquidation of the capital gain. Thank you very much and a hug, Lorenzo. (07-28-2022)

EXCELLENCE "Thank you, Marisa. Once again I appreciate your prompt attention, always very correct, precise and personalized. I study your offer, in your case I will contact you at the beginning of September in relation to an apartment to rent in Madrid El Retiro Zone. Kind regards." Fernando (7-27-2022)

GRATITUDE "Thank you for everything Marisa, we are delighted with your service." Jose Manuel (07-26-2022)

PERFECTIONISTS "Hello Marisa. Thank you very much, your explanation in detail that you have given me is enough. I made the assessment of your attention 😉 Thank you, a hug." Mario. (07-26-2022)

IMPECCABLE WORK "Good morning Rosa. Thank you very much for your efficiency and the impeccable attention you give me. I agree to the delivery of the keys on August 31. Greetings" Meredes (07-27-2022)

EFFICIENCY "Good morning. Thank you very much for your promptness and kindness." Vanessa (07-19-2022)

EXCELLENT QUALITY "Jose Manuel, the quality of your service is excellent. Greetings." Manuel (07-20-2022)

SATISFIED LANDLORD "Hello Antonio, for some reason I can't access your valuation forms, so let me tell you that we are very satisfied with your collaboration." Matilda (07-15-2022)

HAPPY LANDLORD "Full satisfaction with the work done by the agent." Mercedes (07-13-2022)


LANDLORDS INFORMED AT ALL TIMES. "First of all, thank you for the photo report. It's done in great detail and gives me a pretty good idea of the state of the house. So thank you very much." Rebeca (07-10-22)

SATISFIED  LANDLORD "I am very satisfied with the seriousness and good work of madridalquila." (07-06-2022)

SATISFIED LANDLORD"Hello Patricia, thank you very much for the information, and above all for your professionalism and efficiency. Due to a password issue I cannot enter the survey, I hope this email serves as recognition of your work. I remain at your disposal. greeting." Matilda (07-07-2022)

GRATEFUL OWNERS "Thank you very much Cristina: Your efforts give us a lot of security and peace of mind. Greetings." Benito (07-04-2022)

PROFESSIONALISM WITH HIGH EFFICIENCY "Thank you very much. Delighted, as always, with the management of Madrid Alquila. You are professionals who do all the necessary procedures with efficiency, speed and kindness. A peace of mind for the owners to let you manage the rental of our houses. All the best." Carmen (07-04-2022)

EFFICIENCY "Good afternoon: Thank you very much for your efficiency and quick response. I look forward to hearing from you. Greetings." Juna  (06-29-22)

EFFECTIVENESS "Assessment: fantastic and quick response to my request. Thank you." Álvaro (06-28-22)

GREAT TEAM "We are satisfied with the service provided" Ricardo (06-29-2022)

IMPECCABLE WORK "Hello Marisa. I always like to visit you and exchange impressions of current issues with you. It is a luxury to listen to your advice and as you know I am very satisfied with the management of you, Puri, Javier and the entire Madrid Alquila team. You have a way of approaching problems and possible solutions in a brilliant, professional and efficient way. It's a pleasure to have you by my side. I just arrived in Switzerland and I read your email. I'm glad to know that the administrator has finally shown signs of well, as I told you last Thursday, the first thing I was going to do on my return was to get in touch with this "unpresentable". Thank you very much for everything and we keep in touch. A big hug." Manuel (06-21-2022)

GOOD PROFESSIONALS "Marisa's care, as well as at other times, the two Cristinas, has been excellent. Regards" Esperanza (06-16-22)

EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE "Good morning. The service you offer is extraordinary. Thank you very much." Ambles (06-14-06-2022)

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS "I convey my personal thanks to the entire team, and especially to Doña Marisa Robles. We are waiting for the inventory. Sincerely." Eve (06-14-22)

ALWAYS IMPROVING OUR SERVICE "Hello, the rental price seems good to me. I am enclosing the signed contract for the rate update. Thank you. Greetings. PS: After almost 10 years I am still very happy with you!" Guillermo (06-13-2022)

EFFICIENCY "Good afternoon! The technician has just left. He has already fixed it. He told me that the oven was within the time limits of the insurance and that then the labor did not have to be paid. I enclose a photo of the part that had to be replaced. I wanted to thank you for having processed everything so quickly. Thank you very much. Regards." Sarah (06-09-22)

ALWAYS INFORMED "Thank you very much for the report, very complete and clear" Diego (06-07-21)

HIGH RESOLUTIVE CAPACITY "We appreciate the high resolution capacity sending another person quickly to cover the visits scheduled for that date. Of the 8 closed, can you tell me how many were presented? (We understand that no tenant is still interested, and this June, I count them as losses). As always, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the steps you take, and the effort involved, in order to formalize new contracts. Without further ado, yours sincerely. " Eva (09-06-22)

OWNER'S ACKNOWLEDGMENT "I want to thank through this email, all the people who have participated in the contract that we have just formalized, the interest and good work with which they have carried it out. A cordial greeting" Mimi (06-07- 2022)

EXCELLENCE "Thank you for your excellent work." Rosanna (06-08-22)

WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING "Hello Nataly, thank you very much for the speed of your response and the management. Greetings, we continue". Valeria (06-07-2022)

EFFICIENT TEAM "Thank you very much for solving the problem so efficiently." Maria (06-08-2022)

INCIDENTS DEPARTMENT "I am very satisfied with the attention given to my incidents. Thank you very much." Andrea (5-03-2022)

PROFESSIONALISM "Good morning: Thank you very much for everything. Very happy with the efforts of Madrid Alquila, a serious company that takes care of all the paperwork with professionalism, kindness and efficiency. It is a peace of mind for the landlords to leave a flat in your hands. Cordial greeting" Carmen (06-01-2022)

EFFECTIVE "Hello Rosa. I already left a super evaluation, unquestionable speed and efficiency. Thanks for everything. Regards Shelley (06-01-2022)

PROFESSIONALISM "Yes, I want to apply the penalty for early withdrawal. I want to thank you for this information and congratulate you for your professionalism" Fernando (05-23-2022)

EXPERIENCE "How well you work, thank you very much!" Diana (05-18-22)

GREAT TEAM! "In case my evaluation has not arrived, I inform you that I value your work positively" Francisco (05-17-2022)

EXPERTS "Good afternoon Marisa: I just want to expressly acknowledge receipt of your previous email and congratulate you for the conciseness and precision of the clarifications and evidence that you attach. The main one is the photographic report signed by the incoming tenant in 2017 that proves, without place Undoubtedly, the FAC lock was installed during your stay in the house. Once again my appreciation for your good work." Nazario (05-12-22)

 IMPECCABLE WORK "Thank you very much, your way of working is impeccable, I have already mentioned it to your colleague. Greetings." Isabel (05-13-22)

SATISFIED LANDLORDS "Good morning Leonardo: Great report, very grateful! Work of 10, we will recommend you. Best regards." Elizabeth (05-10-2022)

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PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR SERVICE "My dear friend; as you ask me for an assessment of your work and for the sake of brevity, I send you the following comment: JOSE LÓPEZ'S PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN THOROUGH AND VERY PROFESSIONAL. HE HAS DETECTED INCIDENTS THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN MADE TO ME ESCAPED. Kind regards." Nazario (05-12-22)

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EXCELLENCE "As always, delighted with the management of Madrid Alquila. Company that has an excellent team, they take care of all the paperwork and attend you with efficiency, professionalism and kindness. Totally recommended to order the rental of the houses. A greeting" Maria del Carmen (05-09-2022)

SATISFIED LANDLORD "Good morning Marisa: First of all my apologies for the delay in responding. I've been a bit busy these past few days. We are not interested in applying the penalty that corresponds to us. On the contrary, we are very interested in your review of the house to ensure that everything is in order and I would appreciate it if you could put it back on the market as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your management with which we are fully satisfied. Kind regards." VincentE (05-09-2022)

Okay. Marisa. Thank you very much for the information and say that you have attended me and explained everything very well. We are going to think about it and if not now, a little later it could interest us. Sincerely, Greetings. Ramon (04-27-22)

DILIGENT "Thank you very much Nataly for your diligence in solving the problem. Kind regards." Belinda (04-05-2022)

Good morning, Marisa, I appreciate your kind attention yesterday and your good disposition! I am returning to Madrid today from Germany to go see the flat in person tomorrow. Greetings, and thanks again for providing me with the first visit, because this apartment is what I have been looking for; I hope we move forward. Antonela. (05-05-2022

SATISFIED TENANTS "We are very happy with the apartment and the treatment of the agency. Thank you very much. Greetings (Carmela) 04-20-2022

HAPPY LANDLORD"Good morning Marisa. Thank you very much, everything is clear to me. In this case we do NOT see the need to apply any penalty. It is reassuring to have you, thank you very much for your efforts and kindness. Thank you and best regards"(Lorenzo) 4-14-2022.

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HAPPY LANDLORD "Good morning Rubén! This news is always well received. Great job! Thank you very much and greetings" (Maribel) 04-18-2022

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SATISFIED LANDLORD "Thank you, excellent management" (José Antonio) 19-04-22

GRATEFUL OWNER "Good afternoon Marisa. I called you back but you were busy. I'm glad to know that everything is on track. Please put the ad at the price you tell us. Thank you very much for everything and your involvement. Have a happy H.H." Greetings (Raquel) 4-13-2022

Hi, Great job as always! Thank you, regards (Guillermo) 13/04/2022

SATISFIED LANDLORDS "Good morning, I am Gema, landlord and my assessment of the work carried out to date by Madrid Alquila is quite positive." (04-05-2022)

EXCELLENCE "Thank you, The excellent assessment. Greetings" (José Antonio) 04-06-2022

GRATEFUL OWNER "Thank you very much for the excellent service! Regards." (Diego) 04-04-2022

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WE ARE A GUARANTEE OF GOOD RESULTS "Thank you very much. Very happy with the management of Madrid Alquila. You take care of all the procedures with efficiency and kindness. Ordering the rental of a home is a guarantee of good results and not having to be aware of everything that It supposes. A cordial greeting" (Carmen) 03-31-2022

RESOLUTION OF INCIDENTS "Thank you very much, as always very diligent, they inform me of what happens" Begoña (23-03-22)
EXIT PROTOCOLS AND REPORTS TO THE PROPERTY "The assessment regarding your visit seems excellent to me. Anything that arises I am at your disposal. Greetings" Jose Antonio (03-17-22)


I wanted to thank you for the service you have provided me, through Madrid Alquila. It has been punctual, formal and very friendly. Thank you very much. Carmen (3/15/2022)


Perfect Marissa. We have already given 5 stars to Madrid Alquila on Google. We are happy with your services and some other client you have had for a long time came with you thanks to our recommendation. Hello, George (3/8/22)

INSURANCE COLLECTION Good morning, Nataly, I attached the photo of the boiler insurance collection, everything is ok, thank you very much for the speed, really, have a nice day. Gianny (3/8/22)

INSTALLATION OF NEW VITROCERAMICS Good morning Natalie, Thank you very much for the fast and efficient handling. As soon as I have the new one installed, I proceed to send you a photo. Do you know if my suggestion could be taken into account? Thank you very much Cristina (3/3/22)

INCIDENCE WITH THE INSURANCE Good afternoon, Natalie. That seems perfect to me. If it doesn't cover it I think that's the right thing to do. Thank you very much for your efforts and for your speed. Kind regards Ana (3/2/22)

Tenant to Marisa

Thank you so much for everything! The truth is that it is very difficult to find professionals like you, kind, fast, determined, facilitator. Congratulations on your job super well done. Regards, Enrique (2/26/22)

PROVIDING SOLUTIONS "Good morning Cristina, you're so resolutive! The smells in the bathroom have disappeared and we are so happy. We want to thank you for the good management, for the speed and for the attention received, you are the best. I hope that one day I can return the favor. Kind regards." Rocío and Pablo (02-17-22)
PROFESSIONALS "Regarding the assessment of your services, i have to say say that you have been very professional and kind, explaining all the details of how you would carry out the rental work. Thank you very much and greetings." Mary (02-16-22)

DEDICATION "Good evening Marisa, in relation to the penalty reflected in your message, I beg you not to apply it to outgoing tenants since I believe that these 4 years have not given any complaint, regarding the return of the deposit, inspection of housing, and search for new tenants, I put myself in your hands again, since in these 4 years, everything has been easy on your part, demonstrating great professionalism in resolving breakdowns and incidents in my home, as well as in the management of it. I hope you find tenants like the outgoing ones as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance for your dedication and good work. Greetings and many thanks to the entire Madrid Alquila team." Carlos (02-14-2022)

VERY GOOD SERVICE." Good morning. Thank you very much for the management. Regarding the evaluation of the service, very good as always. Greetings" Felipe (02-13-22)

EXCELLENT ATTENTION "Good afternoon, Marisa. My apologies to my tenant, but the situation is so rare that they have even made me doubt. Thanks for everything. As always, excellent attention. Greetings." Marivi (02-11-2022)

GRATEFUL CUSTOMER: "Thank you very much José Manuel, and I take this opportunity to thank you for the efficient service you have. Greetings." Gines (02-10-2022)
EFFICIENCY "Thank you very much Cristina, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you for the efficient and close management of the topics because the truth is that it makes everything much easier. A hug" Laura (02-09-2022)
PROFESSIONALISM "Thank you very much for the very complete final report with all the written and photographic details on the state of delivery of the apartment. Excellent work. The only thing left is the delivery of the deposit to my former tenants. They will keep me updated. Kind regards. " Javier (02-05-2022)
DEDICATED TEAM "Good morning Jose. We agree with the cleaning budget. Whenever you want, you can do it. Once again, we thank you for the efforts and interest shown. Greetings." Angela ( 02-03-2022)
CLOSE TEAM "Thank you very much... as always very available and very efficient. Best regards." Angel (02-04-2022)
TRANSPARENCY "Very complete and timely information. Thank you very much." Emiliano (02-01-22)
SATISFACTION FOR A JOB WELL DONE "Very satisfied. Thank you very much" Lola (01-02-22)
PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR SERVICE "In another order of things, as politicians say, my son was delighted with the treatment and work of your colleague José López. I thought it appropriate to mention him here for your information." javier (02-01-2022)
GREAT TEAM "To express my full agreement with the treatment received by the entire team. Greetings" Félix (01-31-22)
PROFESSIONALISM "Good morning, Cristina. Thank you very much for the email with all the details corresponding to the delivery of the keys and other details. Both your information and the steps to be taken seem to me to be an example of efficiency and I am glad to have chosen your company to rent my flat. In particular, I must point out the excellent relationship that I have maintained with you, Cristina Montero, on the occasions in which we have had to deal with matters concerning the rental of my flat. I record this in the assessment to your corresponding work. A cordial greeting." Javier (01-31-2022)
SERIOUSNESS "Hello Patricio, as soon as possible I will send you all the documentation you request. Thank you for your seriousness and professionalism in advising for the successful completion of the rental of the premises. Greetings." Luis (01-26-22)
SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT "Good afternoon, Marisa: I just read the email from your colleague Yaiza, indicating that they received the payment for the month of January. I thank you very much for your efforts." Martha (01-20-2022)
WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS "Good morning Marisa, we want to start this email, thanking you for the professional effort you have made in all these steps so that we can regain trust in Madrid Alquila. The situation with this tenant was getting complicated towards another disaster like the one that occurred in 2020 until you have personally coordinated the procedures and selected a good professional from your team at the time of handing over the keys. For this reason, we believe it is important that the corresponding manager of Madrid Alquila be informed of our recognition and high appreciation of your efforts, experience and professionalism. We take the opportunity to value very positively the steps taken at the time of handing over the keys by your colleague Antonio (I'm sorry I don't know his last name), since he showed rigor, firmness and efficient diplomacy to manage the situation and the setbacks that occurred. Isaura (01-17-2022)
EXPERTS WHO PROVIDE SOLUTIONS "Cristina, my intention is not to butter you up, but we are delighted with you. Thanks a million and happy weekend." Paul (01-14-22)
SOLUTIONS "Good morning, María del Mar: Perfect, thank you very much for the management. Very grateful. Best regards." Alberto (01-13-22)
GREAT TEAM! "Hello Nataly, Thank you very much for everything, you are the best! Today the pest company contacted me, they will come on Monday... thank you very much. Greetings." Ivan (01-13-22)
RESOLUTION OF INCIDENTS "Good afternoon, Nataly: Happy 2022 to you too. Here I attach pictures of the washing machine,  It has arrived today and for now it is going great. We thank the agency and the landlady for the quick and easy, and effective management. Thank you very much. Kind regards." Carlos (01-11-2022)
PROFESSIONAL TEAM "Thank you Ruben, for how well you are managing it. Best regards" Victor (01-10-2022)
POSITIVE LANDLORD'S COMMENT "Satisfied with the management, thank you." Emiliano (01-10-2022)
POSITIVE COMMENT FROM THE LANDLORD "Good morning Marisa and happy new year, everything is correct. Regarding your management, very grateful for everything and in case the need arises again, I will contact you. Greetings." Carmen (01-10-2022)
ASSESSMENT OF OUR TEAM "Thank you very much, your intervention has been surgical and elegant. Congratulations, very good job." Oscar (01-07-2022)
ASSESSMENT OF OUR TEAM "My assessment of the work of Mr. Patricio Eulate is very satisfactory. He has been very clear and precise in his observations and they have been very useful. It is highly recommended in the future. Thank you. Isabel" (12/23/21)
GRATEFUL LANDLORD "Thank you very much Patricia for the information sent and for taking care of the inventory issue: both written and graphic. I look forward to the initial settlement with the aforementioned. Greetings." Rebeca (05-01-2022)
SATISFIED LANDLORDS "Fantastic, fast and friendly" Iván (05-01-2022)
GRATEFUL LANDLORDS "Good morning Marisa. Once again we have to thank you for the management you do of all the issues that you bring us. We believe that it has been good to notify the tenant of the consequences that the withdrawal of their obligations will have. Thank you again for everything. All the best." Isaura (01-04-2022)
SATISFIED OWNER "Hi Rubén, Thank you so much for your excellent and professional work! Best wishes for 2022!" Roberto (01-05-2022)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Good afternoon Marisa, perfect. Much easier to be able to have the house before and show it better. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for the quick response you are giving us. Best regards." Alejandro (01/04/2021)
GRATEFUL LANDLORD "Hello Marisa, I sincerely thank you for the speed with which you have taken up this matter... Again, thank you very much for your professionalism. A big hug." Manuel (03-01-2021)
LANDLORD VERY HAPPY WITH OUR SERVICE "Good morning Marisa .. I am very happy with the service of Madrid Rentals and it would be great to continue to hire a new tenant. Thank you very much and happy holidays." Tristan (12-27-2021)
CONFIDENCE, SATISFACTION AND GRATEFULNESS: "Good afternoon Marisa, in accordance with the calculations regarding the departure of the tenant, I trust your resolution and also review the condition of the apartment. Your perfect management. Thank you very much. Greetings". María Jesús ( 12-22-21)
VERY SATISFIED LANDLORD "Very satisfied with the follow-up and information that you pass me". Javier (9-12-21)
Grateful Landlord "Thank you very much for the information. Very efficient, as always." Oscar (12-14-2021)
Grateful Landlord "Thank you very much indeed. We always recommend you." Eva (12-16-21)
EXCELLENT TEAM "As an assessment to say about Madrid Alquila that they form an excellent, very efficient team that gives a very good service to their customers." Rubén (03/12/2021)
GRATEFUL TENANTS "Good afternoon, Yaiza. I confirm that we have received your email and we convey our gratitude for your extraordinary management. Best regards" Palmira and Fernando (12-01-2021)
ATTENTION AND KINDNESS. "Good afternoon Cristina, thank you very much. To tell you that I really liked your attention and your kindness." Maitte (01-12-21)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "I am very satisfied with the service :) " Roberto (11-30-21)
TENANT AND LANDLORD HAPPY WITH OUR  COMPANION PURIFICACIÓN "Purificacion Gonzalez is one of the most dedicated and professional people I know in terms of his dedication to both the clients of the company and the tenants. Greetings." Claudio (11-29-21)
HAPPY LANDLORDS "We are happy with your work, which we have always considered very professional and caring." Eva (11-25-2021)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "At the moment everything is excellent, the attention and steps you carry out are excellent. Greetings" Antonio (11-24-21)
PLEASED TENANTS "The truth is, it is a great pleasure to have an apartment rented through this agency, and to have their professionalism, and that of all the employees, best regards." Kenya and Raúl, (11-24-21)
TENANT VERY SATISFIED WITH THE MANAGEMENT OF AN INCIDENCE IN HER HOUSE "Excellent quality of service ..." Beatriz (11-23-21)
LANDLORD GRATEFUL FOR THE RENTAL OF HER HOME "Thank you for your email and for all the work behind this rental. I know it has been very tedious." Belén (11-19-21)
HAPPY LANDLORDS "Your service to date is very good. Receive a cordial greeting" María Josefa and José Luis (11-21-21)
HAPPY TENANT "It is a pleasure to always be so well attended by the Madrid rental team" Glenys, (11-19-21)
HAPPY LANDLORD WANTS TO COMMERCIALIZE ANOTHER PROPERTY WITH US "Your work at the moment seems very correct and attentive to me, I wish all the suppliers we have were the same. By the way we have an empty place that we would like to see with you to market it." Jorge (11-18-21)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Good afternoon. I think your services are very satisfactory. Your attention is very kind and efficient. Best regards" Mercedes (11-18-21)
SATISFIED OWNER "The satisfaction rate with Madrid Alquila is optimal." Marián (11-17-21)
HAPPY LANDLORD "We are happy with the work done so far. Thank you" Ángel (11-17-21)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Good morning. Thank you very much for your communication of change of address, I take note of it, and I hope that these new offices are pleasant and comfortable and that you can continue giving the good service that you have offered us so far. Best regards" Ángel (17 -11-21)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Regarding the evaluation of the service, I can tell you that we are fully satisfied. On a scale of one to 10 we would classify it as 10." Luis (11/17/21)
HAPPY LANDLORD "Thank you very much Jesus !! The photos and videos are very good !! It makes you want to rent it"  Bernando (11-17-2021)
HAPPY TENANT "Regarding the attention received, it has been impeccable. Regards" Pilar (11-16-2021)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "The treatment and your exceptional quality of work. I wish everyone had treated us that well. Thank you" Mari Cruz (11-16-21)
SATISFIED OWNER "Good morning Rosa, my satisfaction with the service is full, always attentive and involved with our homes, a cordial greeting" Ángeles (11-16-2021)
GRATEFUL TENANT "I appreciate your today's information and the attention you always have with us. Kind regards" Sonsoles (11-15-2021)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Good morning: As always, very satisfied with the management and attention from Madrid Alquila. It is a guarantee for the owners to have good rental management and you take care of all the procedures with professionalism and kindness. Thank you very much and a greetings." Carmen (11-15-2021)
SATISFIED LANDLORD "Cristina Montero is very professional and quickly proposes solutions that greatly facilitate my work and my life in general." Carmen (13-11-2021)
SATISFIED TENANT Good morning Marisa, Thank you. Yes, very friendly and very good service. A cordial greeting, Paul (11/12/2021)

GRATEFUL CANDIDATE Good afternoon Teresa, if I have seen him as idealistic that he had disappeared and I have imagined it. The truth is that I had many doubts, especially about the size and the price. I really appreciate that you have communicated it to me, I think you are very professional, I appreciate all the negotiations you have tried and your communications, I really tell you, you do your job very well. The apartment next to it would not fit me because I preferred it to have a terrace and the one that remains fits me less because it is the same size and is much more expensive, but I thank you for telling me. Thank you very much for everything really. Best regards, Alicia (11/12/2021)

WASHING INCIDENCE Good morning Cristina, tell you that yesterday at the end of the afternoon they brought the washing machine and installed it. Thank you again very much for the efficiency in the negotiations. I enclose for the inventory, a photo of the washing machine and the refrigerator that I had forgotten to send it to you. Regards, Lilian (11/12/2021)


Perfect Marisa We set the delivery of keys for Monday, December 22. You already tell me the time of your preference. I would prefer in the morning.

However, if I return to Madrid, I would contact you again to find a new home. Well, I like the treatment received. I am waiting for your news. Greetings Rafael (11/11/2021)


Dear Mrs. Arnao. Indeed, our bank account with which we have worked with you is the one that ends in .... We are attentive to the return of the legal deposit in said account. With regard to the professionalism of MADRIDALQUILA's services and especially yours, we are fully satisfied as we have repeatedly stated publicly through its website Kind regards José Miguel (11/11/2021)


Grateful Marisa for all your kindness and my service assessment is 10/10 ... thank you for the support and speed of your coordination. Richard (11/10/2021)


Good morning Cristina Very grateful for your prompt attention to our request for incidence. We always find excellent treatment from you and from all the professionals of this Agency. We are waiting for the technician's visit, and I will comment on the results. Suddenly the water pressure is fine, it must be another cause. Thank you very much, best regards, Kenya (11/8/2021)


Buenas tardes: Delighted with the management of the rental of my home by Madrid Alquila. Excellent professionals,  they are aware of everything, they carry out all the procedures. Thank you very much Carmen (11/4/2021)


Dear Marisa, We will follow your prompts to complete the process correctly. We have just made the transfer in question and we have attached the corresponding proof. Likewise, as soon as we have the latest receipts for the supplies, we will send them to you in a timely manner. We thank you very much for your diligent attention and proper steps from the first moment. We remain at your disposal, Francisco (11/4/2021)


We have no objection to the service provided and the quality of the service. Quite the contrary; we feel treated promptly and efficiently. Thank you very much Pedro (3/11/2021)


Thanks. I am very satisfied with the quality of the service. (10/30/2021)

Jose Manuel's attention has been very good. Marcos (10/28/21)

MARKET STUDY Hello Rosa, yes to everything with the condition, in the event that a pet enters, that the owner agrees to leave the state of the house in EXACTLY the same state in which he has found it (mainly the parquet, moldings, ...) or run with the damage that the animal could cause. For the rest, OK to the quote, the insurance and the deposit in the IVIMA (as always). Thank you very much Rosa. I really appreciate the work you do. Best regards, Patricia (10/28/2021)

BAIL Agree Yaiza. Your information has been perfect and the treatment received exquisite. You can proceed as you ask. Greetings Jose (10/26/2021)

MOVING The comment will be brief, but the content could not be clearer: thank you very much. As always your performance and work are excellent. Emiliano (10/28/2021)

CANDIDATE PROFILE Thank you Teresa, I fully agree regarding the reservation etc. I would like to rate the service provided by the entire Madrid Alquila team as excellent. My experience with them as a customer is unbeatable. Thank you and continue on the same line! Greetings Rubén (10/28/2021)

IPC REVIEW Good afternoon Yaiza: Yes, I agree with the application of the annual IPC for updating the rent according to the corresponding Lease Agreement and with the updated rent of ... euros that you inform me. Kind regards, and thank you for the excellent quality of your service. Manuel (10/27/2021)

REPAIRS The quality of your service. Very good. Thank you Crispula (10/23/2021)

Hello good afternoon, I attach documents

My mother does not use mail, in any case you can use mine if possible.

Before concluding, I want to give my feedback on Teresa's customer service;

It was flawless and completely decisive.

A greeting and thanks in advance. Alejandro (10/22/2021)


Good afternoon Marisa. Thank you for your collaboration, you have clarified my doubts perfectly, professionally and very kindly. Waiting for your news, receive a cordial greeting. Jose Luis (10/22/2021)


Hello: I just sent you the payment for the ... € for electricity .... I am attaching proof of payment. Regarding your services we are very happy, you are very professional and always respond quickly and we are delighted with the apartment, thank you very much. Greetings José Miguel (10/22/21)

APARTMENT SALE Regarding the assessment of the services that Teresa Carriles has performed in relation to the purchase / sale of the street apartment ... our opinion is EXCELLENT. Greetings Rosa (10/22/2021)

INTERESTED CLIENT PROFILE I am very happy and satisfied with your management as you have managed it just a greeting Victor (10/21/2021)

IPC REVIEW Good morning, since these tenants are here ... On the other hand, you ask me to give our opinion for your service, and for us it is very good and we are very happy. Mari (10/19/2021

LEASE START Hi, Although I have answered the questionnaire, I want to thank you and Rosa, who was the first to attend us, that the whole process has been very easy and bearable. Thank you very much for everything and we hope that we will have to be in touch many times, just once in a while. Greetings and have a nice weekend. Luis (10/152021) PS: If you want to help with the moving on Saturday, you already know the address ;)


Dear Cristina: I am very glad that the step problem has been solved.

Once again you have demonstrated your professionalism, your effectiveness in solving problems that may arise and your kindness in dealing with your clients. Receive my warmest regards, Violeta (10/18/2021)


Good afternoon, I'll give you the contact phone ...

I find the service very effective, receiving a prompt response.

Thank you very much a greeting Yeslin (10/14/2021)
Document for background check - Hello Teresa, I went to a viewing today on an apartment, and I have to inform you that I will go through with that other apartment. So, I want to cancel the process of the apartment on Calle ...  as it was no commitment in sending the DAS as you mentioned. Regardless, I really want to thank you for helping me and your service have been great. If I have other colleagues or friends looking for an apartment in Madrid, I will highly recommend your services. Kind regards, Victor (10/14/2021)

Excellent treatment and professionalism always. Luis (10/13/2021)

TENANT EXIT Thanks Jose. I already spoke with the reformist from Madrid Alquila and he is going to budget me for an overhaul of the house. Thank you for all the information. Greetings (10/8/2021)

Gas bill - GAS supply

Good morning José Manuel, I am sending the invoices attached. The quality of their service is excellent. Totally recommendable. Yours sincerely José (10/11/2021)


Good morning, thank you very much for your management. Please also convey our gratitude to the person who showed us around the house, who was very kind and patient. Greetings Teresa (8/10/2021)

Ok Yaiza, thank you very much for keeping me informed.

As always, it's a pleasure to rate you the most in Google Reviews.

A greeting..! Eusebio (10/6/2021
Hi Patricio, thanks for the update. The gray plate was the key to ...
Greetings, Andres
P.S. Very satisfied with the services provided by Patricio so far. 
Close and efficient.

RESERVATION Good Morning. I enclose the proof of payment to reserve the apartment on the street ... I take this opportunity to comment that, in addition to the furniture ...

Likewise, I would like to highlight and thank you for your good treatment and professionalism, always attending us with great kindness and pleasure and giving us answers and solutions to the doubts we have had. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to moving. Greetings Luis (7/10/2021)

RESERVATION Good morning Rosa,

Thank you very much for making this such an easy process. I just made the transfer. I enclose the receipt. We are in touch, kind regards Luis (9/24/2021)


Very happy with the efforts and services of Madrid Alquila. It is a peace of mind for the owners to order the rentals for your professionalism, attention and take care of everything. Thank you very much Carmen (10/5/2021)


I think that the service provided by Antonio Rocamora has been very good. Isidro (10/6/2021)


Thank you. I hope you can make the transfer between today and tomorrow. Thank you very much for your attention, I am satisfied with the service. Greetings Gerson (10/6/2021)


Good morning MARISA! In a telephone conversation you told me how important it would be for us to state whether in the new contract to be signed with the continuing tenants, we wish to record the variation of the CPI, FOR WHAT I WANT TO PROVIDE HERE WITH THAT I DO WISH THIS CIRCUMSTANCE TO BE CONTEMPLATED.

Regarding the valuation that your work or that of other workers likewise from Madrid-Alquila, both my brother Enrique and myself, we feel satisfied, because we have never had any problem, if any doubt arises we are always in contact with you to ask them, and at the moment we do not ask ourselves other questions. Without further ado, kind regards, Gema (9/29/2021)

LEASE START Good morning, I am very satisfied with the quality of your services. Greetings Ricardo (9/30/2021)

PLUMBING INCIDENCE Perfect, thank you very much for all the explanations Antonio. I take this opportunity to communicate my satisfaction with the quality of your service. Kind regards, Mikel (9/29/2021)

INCIDENCE Excuse me Nataly I had not read the end of your email. Your service seems impeccable. Regards Francisco (9/30/2021)

TENANTS Thank you Teresa for your efforts, for the kind and diligent treatment. In relation to the date of delivery of the property on October 8 is fine for us. The phone you are calling from does not receive calls, you can leave me another number please. A cordial greeting, Ana Victoria (9/29/2021)

INTERESTED CUSTOMER PROFILE The quality of the service provided by the call from Teresa Carriles has been very good, she has explained everything to me clearly and has taken care of my doubts. Greetings Jorge (9/28/2021)

RESERVATION Good morning Rosa,

Thank you very much for making this such an easy process. I just made the transfer. I enclose the receipt. We are in touch, kind regards Luis (9/24/2021)

HOUSING REVIEW Good morning again, I cannot access the survey on the link because I do not have a Google profile, but by this email I tell you that I AM VERY SATISFIED WITH THE QUALITY OF THE SERVICE. So that it has the opportune effects. Thank you, best regards Ricardo Andrés (9/22/2021)

CALCULATIONS AFTER THE WORKS Hi Marisa, sorry I forgot the comment about your work. We are delighted with you ☺️ You are very diligent and efficient. We greatly appreciate your help, since due to our work, we do not have much time to take care of these procedures ☺️ Thank you! Maite (9/21/2021)


Thanks for everything Cristina. As for my opinion about the arrangements that have been made in the rental of the house, I have to express my excellent impression with all the staff with whom I have had contact. Professionalism, efficiency and dedication have always been optimal. It is the second home whose rental I manage with you and I am increasingly satisfied.

I have recommended your services to several of my acquaintances and I know of two cases in which you have been in charge of managing their homes.

Thanks again and best regards José María (9/17/21)


Good afternoon Cristina, Received. I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the service provided. Always attentive and solving any incident quickly.

Thank you so much for everything. Elena (9/17/2021)



Since you manage our apartment, we are very happy and our satisfaction with your services is the highest, we always recommend MADRID ALQUILA, thanks for your management. M Angeles (9/14/2021)

ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Very satisfied with the management of Madrid Alquila. Company with qualified, friendly workers and pending of all the procedures. Thank you very much Carmen (9/13/2021)

Good morning Cristina.
Thank you very much for the services provided. We have found them very good.
Kind regards from José Luis and María Josefa. (9/13/2021)

END OF RENTAL CONTRACT AND CONTINUATION OF HOUSING Good afternoon Marisa. Thanks for the comunication. For my part, I will be equally delighted to be able to continue in the house. As for you, I am very satisfied and grateful for the seriousness and professionalism with which you carry out your work. I have left positive reviews about this on the internet from time to time.

Believe me when I tell you that, living on a rental basis, I have had the opportunity to see how, on occasion, the behavior of my landlord and intermediaries has not been, let's say, honest. I have been literally "kidnapped" for 8 years in an apartment in Sanchinarro, the victim of an abusive contract by the company that owns the apartments. Now I can say that I live calmly and without the anguish that that situation caused me.

Thanks to you, Marisa, and to the entire team of the company, and, of course, to the owner, Juana C

A hug Mercedes (9/9/2021)

LEASE BEGINNING Thank you so much for everything. We are very satisfied with the services you are providing us. You are a qualified company, with good professionals and pending of all the procedures. As owners it is important to have a service as complete as yours. You take care of all the formalities, you check the solvency of the tenants, etc. In addition, all the staff has treated us with great kindness. Thank you and best regards Carmen (9/10/2021)

TENANT EXIT Hello Leonardo. I forgot to add in my previous answer that I really liked the information received for its clarity and content. Thank you again and hope that a new tenant will find me. Regards Jose (9/7/2021)


Good morning, I have already made the transfer to said account to settle the negative balance. I attach the receipt of the transfer, which will take between 24 and 48 hours to arrive.

Regarding the quality of the service, so far everything has been perfect, everything clear and solving all my doubts.

Thank you. Greetings Jose Antonio (9/6/2021)


I also wanted to thank you for your help these 6 years that I have enjoyed the house. My thanks also go to Nataly. It has been a pleasure to have had a relationship with you, although the circumstances were not always good. Greetings and good luck  Sent from Juanjo's iPhone (31/8/2021)

HOME BUYER Hello again Teresa, First of all, thank you very much for all your help to you and your colleagues who have collaborated throughout the process (please convey my thanks), in the end it has come to fruition and in the planned time:) I would appreciate it if you could finally share the following information ... Thank you very much for everything again. Dario (8/26/2021

DEPARTURE OF TENANTS Good morning Leonardo:

Thank you very much for sending the report. We found it to be a very complete and well-documented report. We wanted to congratulate you on your work.

We would like to ask you as well ...

Thank you very much and best regards, Alfonso and Roberto (8/18/2021)

ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Good morning. We have just made the payment of the settlement, I want to thank you for the attention received, all the people who have attended us have been very kind, Puri who is the one we know personally is charming as a person and a very good professional because she has advised us very well, she knows our history regarding the apartment and she has been a help for us, I hope to continue counting on her in the future because she is a person whom we appreciate very much. Thank you all very much, Greetings Jose and Maria (8/10/21)

TENANT OUT Good morning Antonio,

Thanks for all the detailed information. The quality of the service is excellent.

Good work. I would like to request a quote for the necessary repairs.

Yours sincerely José Antonio (8/16/21)

TENANT OUT Good morning Leonardo The first thing to congratulate you on your work and the report you have made, I honestly did not expect it to be so exhaustive. Thanks a lot.

Please make the necessary arrangements so that all actions to be carried out in the house (painting, stabbing, small repairs, cleaning) are done as soon as possible Regarding the email you sent me about the painting budget ACCEPT the one recommended by the professional (which includes plastic paint) of € 1000 approx.

Also, allow me a suggestion, if it were possible in future communications about estimates or invoices to be paid, could you include the FINAL amount with all taxes included? It would be of great help to me Thank you very much and best regards Jose (8/10/21)

INCIDENCE WITH THE HEATER Thank you very much Nataly, as efficient as always, I send you a warm greeting. Nieves (8/16/21

APPLIANCES PROBLEMS Hi Cristina: I am writing to let you know that the new ceramic hob has already been installed. Once again, thank you so much for addressing this issue so quickly. I hope you have a good summer. I wish you health Luis F (7/29/2021)

NEW OWNER Thank you Patricio for your management; the information always clear and concrete; as well as a quick response to all my questions. Everything seemed more complicated to me, but you make it easy to understand. Receive a cordial greeting Jose (7/28/2021)

Good afternoon Thanks I checked the ad, all perfect. The service received so far has been perfect, prompt management and attention to any of my doubts or suggestions, recommendable without a doubt. Yours sincerely Jose Antonio (7/23/2021)

RESERVED HOUSING Hello Teresa, I am very happy, thank you for the good work done. I would like to specially highlight Antonio Rocamora throughout this process, for his great professionalism at all times. As for the questions you ask me, I will answer them below. Greetings and thanks, Ivan (7/2/2021)
NOTICE FOR TERMINATION OF RENTAL Good afternoon The reason for this email is to notify that next July 31, 2021 I will leave the rented property ... I would like to convey my high degree of satisfaction with your management towards me as a tenant and your high level of service. For all this, my sincere gratitude and if as far as possible I can help you in something, tell me. Remaining at your disposal to advance in the negotiations. Greetings Jesus (1/7/2021)
ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Good morning Rubén. Thank you so much for everything. Comment that both my sisters and I are very happy with the services provided due to the speed and seriousness. Receive a cordial greeting. Rachel (6/30/2021)
OWNER AT THE BEGINNING OF THE LEASE Good Morning. I am very happy with your management. You are all great professionals. Elvira (6/28/2021)
PROPOSAL FOR WARRANTY LIQUIDATION Thank you very much for everything, thank you for your work, a hug for all that team. Jose (6/25/21)
PROFILE OF AN APPLICANT I agree with your proposal. Also, I want to thank you for your excellent management of our different rentals. You will inform us. Greetings Gaspar (6/25/21)
TENANT EXIT Good morning Leonardo Thank you very much for the information and for the recommendations. As on other occasions, I am very satisfied with the review of the house. Kind regards Carlos (6/20/21)
TENANTS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CONTRACT Hello Teresa, Received. Thank you very much for your support in the rental process and the close attention that you have provided us. We are already in the new apartment and we are really looking forward to it! Any news, we are in contact. Greetings and good day! Adrian (11/6/2021)

GAS BILL Good morning Jose Manuel, OK, understood, thank you very much. And thank you very much also for your work, the entire team does an excellent job, please pass it on to you and all your colleagues. Regards, Alberto (6/6/2021)

TENANT LEAVING Good morning, thank you for such a good inventory. The account number to put the supplies in my name, will be the same as the income that you already have, from Triodos Bank. Juanse (5/26/2021)



Good afternoon José and thank you very much for the exhaustive report. Please proceed to request the estimates. My only question is to know which of these repairs can be charged to the deposit and which must be paid by the owners.

Finally, comment that we are very satisfied with the speed and completeness of the service provided in the departure report. Kind regards Carlos (3/6/2021)

ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Thank you very much for everything, impeccable service. Greetings Maria Jesus (3/6/2021)


Good afternoon. Regarding my comments, I am satisfied with the performance of all of you. Very aware of all situations. Greetings Felix (5/13/2021)


Good afternoon. I confirm receipt of the email and my comment about Madrid Alquila is unbeatable and I am very satisfied with your services. I request estimates on painting and cleaning. The floor should be like a whistle. I await your news. Thanks for everything and a very cordial greeting Marco (5/13/2021)

TENANT EXIT Good afternoon José. I am very satisfied with how you have managed everything related to my property. Thanks for everything Elvira (5/14/2021)


Hello Cristina, I would like to thank you all for your great collaboration so that you could give me the keys of the apartment today as requested. Very good service and I would really recommend you fully. Thank you very much for everything and a warm greeting. Franco (4/30/2021)

FLAT CHECK Thanks to you Antonio. We are very comfortable and happy with the apartment, and with your management. Greetings Patricia (4/27/2021)


Leonardo, congratulations for the report and photographic report made in the property of ... It is a very extensive and detailed work, thank you very much. Josemanuel and Maricarmen (4/28/2021)

ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Dear All : I am writing to all of you (those who have attended me personally and those who have not), to thank you, for your kindness, your dedication, your advice, etc., I sincerely thank you for your good work, thank you very much for everything. On behalf of my son Iñaki, a very big greeting to all. Luis (3/15/2021)

Thank you very much for all the documents that you have sent me.
I have already valued the work done by Madrid Alquila very positively.
Attached proof of the transfer corresponding to the negative balance at the beginning of the contract.
a cordial greeting
Antonio and María Jesús (3/15/2021)
ESTUDIO PARA NUEVO PROPIETARIO Buenos días Gracias por su servicio me ha parecido muy correcto y profesional. Entiendo que la situación de mercado pueda dar estas cifras pero son muy bajas para lo que yo necesito de momento tengo que replanteármelo. No obstante si decido alquilar o vender contaré con vosotros antes de hacer algo. Un saludo Francisco (12/3/2021)

Thank you very much for everything Nataly :)

I'm sorry I didn't find out about the calls, it happened to me with my son and a messenger who was coming home ... I just verified that my mobile was not working well and the calls were not coming :( I have already restarted it and it seems to have been solved .

Thank you very much for the speed and diligence in resolving this issue.

I have already requested the return, it has been registered and they will contact me shortly. Please do not throw away the thermos box, they need the original packaging in order to be returned.

Have a good afternoon. Best regards, Maite (3/10/2021)

NEW OWNER TO PATRICIO EULATE I am pleased to write to you, to show my appreciation for the time you dedicated in the personal interview that we had on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 and to take the time to inform me in detail on the basis of taking charge of renting the home of our property. Thanks also for the kindness and good manners with which you have treated us. You are always attentive and aware of the corresponding documentation that we should send you via email. a cordial greeting


NEW TENANTS They took great care of us from the first moment and solved all the small problems that appeared before signing the contract. Cristina González very friendly and very efficient. Javier (in Google 2/3/21)

HOMEOWNERS LIVING ABROAD Dear Marisa, in 2014 we were looking for a company to manage our apartments in Madrid. A friend recommended MADRID ALQUILA to us, but with the clear indication on his part that we try to manage everything with Marisa Robles because she was very professional and reliable. We did so and in July of that same year we received a detailed email with your signature that convinced us to hire the services of Madridalquila.

We were living in Germany at the time and the level of service you offered us was always cordial and professional. Which did not happen to us with other services that we had to manage from there. We want to thank you for the excellent work that you have always done with us. The years of professional treatment are many and the range of circumstances managed is also very varied. This great professionalism has become even more evident every time that due to internal processes of your company, the procedures have not been coordinated by you and the level of service that we have received on occasions has been very improvable. We would like to convey to your manager our gratitude and appreciation for a great work developed and maintained over so many years. It would be good if the MADRID ALQUILA management knew that on several occasions, the mistakes of some of your colleagues (sometimes so serious that they have confronted us with the community of owners, they have made us lose clients, several monthly payments ...) have made us consider terminating the contract with you. Relationships have only been redirected when you have taken up the steps directly, with sensible, decisive decisions. We are also aware that you are attentive to the improvement comments that we have sent and that you have implemented as far as possible.

We would like you to send our words of direct thanks to you to those in charge. As worker coordinators, we think it is good to know the degree of commitment that clients acquire with a company thanks precisely to professionals like you. Greetings Enrique, Isaura (2/3/2021)

REPORT TO THE TENANT ABOUT RECEIPT OF WATER SUPPLY Good morning Cristina. Message received, thank you very much for your prompt management, it is very encouraging to have the professionalism of you and of everyone in this Agency. Regards Kenya (2/26/2021)

SCREEN INCIDENCE- SATISFIED TENANT Good morning, Marisa. Perfect, we wait then.

Beyond the repair, let me share a personal impression with you. It is the first time, after 15 years living as a tenant in Madrid, that I feel that an agency cares about the tenant and does everything on its part to solve the small incidents that arise. It's nice with you: professionalism, empathy and all facilities. We are delighted, I just wanted you to know, since we are used to share complaints, but rarely say thanks;) Thank you very much! Hugo (11/2/2021)

BUDGET FOR START-UP WORKS Good morning Patricio, the quality of your service is perfect. The deal with Marco Antonio has been excellent, I will give you an answer this week . Thanks and best regards Concepcion (11/2/2021)

ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Hello good afternoon. We are satisfied with the work done by the MADRID ALQUILA teams for the rental of my home. Greetings Ana / Vicente (5/2/2021)

URGENT TENANT ENTRY Thank you very much Teresa. Rosa and you have helped us a lot, forgive the insistence, but time was really running out and we needed to get the paperwork done. See you on Monday yes. Greetings to both of you, really thank you Mayte (1/28/2021)


Thank you very much for the information and steps taken. The transfer is already sent, and it should be posted to your account on the next business day. I appreciate your assistance, and the excellent work you have done. Best regards, Ignacio (1/26/2021)

NEW OWNER Dear Patricio, they tell me from home in Madrid that today they sent you the missing documentation. Regarding your work, both my daughter and I are very satisfied with the service you have given us from the beginning. You have had a very professional and flexible treatment with us. This makes us think that it was a wise decision to decide on Madrid Alquila. Thank you for your dedication, Jose Luis (1/25/2021)
DATE OF ENTRY INTO THE HOUSE. Thank you very much for the efforts and the treatment received, it is a pleasure to meet such professional people. Kind regards Rocío and Pablo (1/25/2021)


Good afternoon, First of all, I congratulate you for the quality of the service that I see as unbeatable, the truth is that it is a very careful and detailed job. Many thanks.

As for what you comment, the repairs you suggest seem very good. When you have a budget, I see it with my sister and we confirm. I think nothing else, if there is something else that we have to do on our part, you tell us. Greetings Marian (4/1/2021)

SATISFIED LANDLORD AFTER TENANT LEAVES Good Morning. I am the owner of the property on the street ...., in the Las Rosas area. I am very happy and satisfied with the report and the photos that you have sent me. It is a thorough examination of the current state of my home. Thank you for the interest and effort you have put into it: I value it very positively. Thank you very much, best regards Ignacio (1/18/2021)

CHRISTMAS My best wishes for happiness, health and well-being in these Christmas Holidays for the entire Madrid Alquila team. Thank you all for your excellent work. A hug, Juana
Hello, good morning. Attached proof of payment of ...

Regarding the comment, I am very satisfied with the quality of the service received. Thanks a lot.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Arturo (12/24/2020)
ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT good morning I want to express my total satisfaction with the quality of the services provided by you. Greetings Julia (12/9/20)
OWNER Good morning, thanks for the information and documentation.

As for the Madrid Alquila service, it is being very satisfactory and very professional.

Thanks a lot. Greetings Rocio (12/4/20)
TENANT I acknowledge your message with details of procedures and information. And I reiterate our gratitude for the treatment and professionalism of you and the rest of the Agency staff. Kenya (12/2/2020)
SATISFIED TENANT Thank you very much, Mrs. Cristina González. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your inestimable professionalism and cordiality towards the client, who in this case I have had the honor and privilege of being myself. I am deeply (and not only "reasonably", as they have put in the valuation link) satisfied with all management and advice that he has given me from the first moment, so that my choice of the apartment and its subsequent definitive rental, were made correct and quickly, without failing in any particular and explanation. Of course, the excellent treatment received and the outstanding professionalism will be transferred, from me, to colleagues and friends who need to go to a real estate agency in Spain. Yours sincerely and respectfully, Antonio (11/27/2020)
OWNER Thank you very much Teresa for all the information, clear and concise, good professional Greetings Fernando (11/19/2020)
Good Morning: I inform you that the transfer has been made as indicated of .... euros I make a totally positive comment on the management of the work done. At all times you have been effective in covering the care and management of the housing.. You have my trust and I give my best and warmest congratulations to the whole team for the good way of working . My best thanks to Madrid Servicios Integrales !! It is highly valued the good personal treatment, through the telephone, that all of you have. Greetings Paloma (11/24/2020)
OWNER AFTER THE DEPARTURE REPORT Antonio Rocamora is a great professional. Educated, friendly, meticulous in the revision of the house, patient, decisive and many more positive qualities ... I said, a great professional. Soledad (10/23/20)
ANNOYANCE TO THE NEIGHBORS Thank you both very much for the quick reaction. This tenant has lived in the house for two years and had not complained until now. I mean, he's not the typical person who protests everything. I have told him that with this real estate agency we have been lucky, because I have experience that they deal with problems that may arise, without avoiding them, as many others do. I trust that the situation will normalize. A cordial greeting Paloma (10/23/20)
CONTRACT INITIATION REPORT Good afternoon, Next I attach proof of requested transfer. Regarding the comment on the treatment received, we are satisfied and we have nothing negative to highlight, on the contrary, at all times the treatment has been very good. If there is anything pending or there is any problem please let me know. Receive a warm greeting. Ana (14/10 (20)
Thanks Puri, The service received has been excellent. Always attentive to any incident generated in the apartment. It has been a success to change the management of rents with you Hugs Iñigo (10/14/20)
Hello Teresa. We are delighted with the house, it has many details, which are to be appreciated ... How the shower is spotless and the shower head is spotless, the house was very clean. Very happy! Thanks for the management. Greetings Lara (10/5/20)
OWNER Good afternoon Teresa, For now, the treatment received is being excellent. Thank you very much. I take this opportunity to ask you a question. Do you also manage the purchase / sale of real estate? Receive a cordial greeting. Enrique (10/1420)
Good morning Leonardo: I acknowledge receipt to your email with photographic detail of the inspection carried out and the inventory. I have to congratulate you for the good work and detail, it is a professional job well done, thank you for your interest. I am really very satisfied with having chosen MADRID ALQUILA. On the other hand, after our telephone contact, we have received the budget for the suggested revisions, and we have agreed to the budget so that they begin to carry out the work as soon as possible to have the apartment ready and able to be rented again. We have instructed the budget to respect when painting the same color, and that please do not touch the photograph that is in the hall of our son for sentimental reasons. It is important. When they are finished, please do a general cleaning so that everything is perfect, and I would appreciate some photos of how it has been once the work is finished. Thank you very much once again, greetings, affectionately. Peter (10/5/20)
As agreed, I await the corresponding estimates to carry out these repairs. As regards the management carried out by you, I value it positively. Best regards. Pedro (10/8/20)
Hello Cristina, Thank you very much for your email, and for taking care of everything. With you the truth is that, it's nice :) It is not necessary to charge the penalty that you comment of 147.84 euros ... it is not necessary. They have been in the house for many years and they have never given us problems, unless we know of :) OK to everything you propose. We await your news. Best regards, Maite (10/5/20)
Dear Purificacion: As I told you on the phone, we are settled and in general everything is going very well, thank you. However, I wanted to tell you a couple of things ... Regarding the quality of the service, we are very satisfied with it due to the detailed explanations it has given us and the warmth with which it has treated us. Thank you very much for everything once again, Alba (9/15/20)
ECONOMIC REPORT INITIATION OF CONTRACT Good afternoon, Can you please modify the settlement invoice and include Gabriel? Ruben, regarding your service I am very satisfied since we spoke last week about the economic conditions and you were very fast and decisive. Thanks and best regards, Inmaculada (4/9/20)
RESERVED APARTMENT Attention Rosa. In reply to your letter about the rental of the apartment of .... I wish to take out the payment guarantee insurance ... I also want to convey my satisfaction with the service received from all of you. Best regards Soledad (8/26/20)
ECONOMIC REPORT AT THE INITIATION OF THE CONTRACT Thank you very much for the quick and efficient procedures. Greetings Juan Carlos (8/21/20)
REFRIGERATOR CHANGE Thank you very much for the management. As always impeccable. Greetings Pedro (6/8/20)
NEW LEASE- LANDLORD Hello , Thanks for the efforts, for the work done. A great service. A greeting . Good day ! Roberto (7/28/20)
Good afternoon Leonardo, Thank you for the detailed report that you have sent me on the state of the house and I ask you for a budget for the necessary set-up for its release. With the confidence I have in Madrid Alquila for a job well done, on this and other occasions. I await your news. My best regards Paloma (7/10/2020)
Dear Cristina Everything perfect, continuing to trust you is a guarantee of success in the day-to-day management of the lease of a property. I have recommended MadridAlquila to two friends of mine and I tell them that they are very satisfied with your work. Thank you so much for everything. Best regards  Manuel (7/1/2020)
STATE OF ALARM Good morning Marisa, Thanks again and congratulations for your work and service, given the situation we have experienced in Madrid, the tranquility of having the apartments in good management hands is further valued. Regards Isaura (6/23/20)
Good afternoon, Rubén. I confirm that I have received the deposit correctly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Madrid Alquila team for their efforts during the duration of the rental. Without further ado, receive a cordial greeting. Alberto (6/16/20)
MALFUNCTIONING WASHING MACHINE Dear Cristina, Thank you for your speed and efficiency. The drum strap had just come off and when you reattached it everything works perfectly again. The technician told me that the washing machine is perfect. Regards, and thank you very much. Jesus Maria ((4/6/20)
MICROWAVE Hi Marisa, I inform you that today at 11:30 they brought us the new microwave oven, thank you very much for your efficient management. Very grateful, greetings Rita T (5/30/2020)
OWNER IN LEAVING TENANTS I am very satisfied with the attention and quality of the service provided by Madrid Alquila, especially you and Rosa, always ready to give me information and seeking speed and efficiency in a difficult time for me. Thank you. I hope then to receive the settlements. I will immediately answer the other email with questions from the tenant. With my warmest regards, Violeta (5/29/2020)
BROKEN FREEZER Good afternoon Cristina. I very much appreciate the efficiency with which you work, and the good treatment you give me. As for the invoice, the deposit has already been made. Thank you so much for everything. Greetings Juan Carlos (1/6/2020)

Good Morning. Thanks for the efforts you are making at all levels, it shows the enormous professionalism of the company. Regarding the lease, on Monday without fail I give you my decision, since I have some doubts about the price. Regards Jose Antonio (5/8/2020)

Hello Purification, Thank you very much for the explanation and for having solved the problem with the technicians. I agree with you in everything you say and that with a little interest they could have done it themselves with the explanations of the technician. In general, I prefer to maintain a cordial and supportive relationship with them as long as there is not complete neglect on their part (in this case there may have been some neglect, and being clear that a second time would not be acceptable). And I thank you very much for your interest in solving the problem and for all the support provided. I think you do a very good job and I am very happy to work with you. Francisco (3/20/2020)
Of course! Take good care of yourselves, all that wonderful team you are !!
Thank you!!!
Carmen (3/20/2020)
CANDIDATE Good morning Cristina, Thank you for the confirmation. I just sent the signed LOPD document. On the other hand, we confirm that we will not contribute with a guarantee / deposit. The final documentation provided will be that of our request. On the other hand, and answering the questions: 1, The entry date would be a little exposed to the solution of the state of alarm by COVID-19, since the steps involved in a transfer would be difficult, so the later, the better, but without taking too long, since that we are seeing more houses. 2, We are looking for a house to stay indefinitely. 3, We are interested in this area because it is very close to our relatives. Finally, let us know that the service has been good at all times, both from the commercial (Mario) and yours. I would highlight the communication and the prompt attention that you have given us. Thanks and good day. We are again pending your news. Inigo (3/19/2020)
EXIT OF TENANTS Hello Purificacion Thank you very much for the report and for the detailed and complete photographic report that you have sent me. At the same time, your comments for the reform that I am carrying out in the flat are very helpful to me and I am going to pass it entirety to Mr. M. to discuss it together. In short, I can only rate his work as excellent from start to finish. In relation to the breakage of the glass of the fresquera please contact the insurance to have it replaced by one of the same characteristics. Kind regards, Manuel (3/19/2020)
Good morning, I agree with the proposal you make to me.
I also want to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for the services you have provided me for so many years.
I would like you to pass it on to all your colleagues.
Goodbye, kind regards Enrique (3/18/2020)
TENANTS AFTER SIGNING Good night. Thank you very much indeed, we are very grateful. Please we wanted you to communicate to the owner that we are delighted and thank you very much for the welcome detail. Greetings Noemi and Carlos (03/13/2020)
LEASE SIGNATURE Thank you very much Cristina. All this procedure has been easy and fast, for which I thank you. Regards Angel (12/03/2020)
Dear Rosa: I thank you very much for your timely and friendly letter. It is logical that you cannot contact me because there is nobody in my house and I am still in Brazil where I have my mobile in airplane mode, precisely to avoid calls that later cost very dearly. I come back this Sunday, the 15th of March and I will call you on Monday. I thank you very much for writing to me because this matter worries me a lot since I am in a delicate economic situation and I need that income urgently. The starting price seems very good to me and also the date to start showing and advertising it from this week. I also tell you that if it is necessary, I would put down the price regularly, up to a reasonable limit, because I don't want to happen like the other time when, because I insisted on a higher price, I lost almost three months of income. The only thing that matters to me is that they are decent people and appear formal I trust you very much and I am sure that you will solve it very well. I thank you very much for your kindness. You will tell me when they will pay the penalty. Very grateful and a big hug, .(11/03/2020)
INCIDENCE FLOOD TO NEIGHBOR Thank you very much for your work and follow-up. Greetings Alberto (10/3/2020)
LESSEE CONTRACT Thank you Luis for all excellent service yours and Rosa's. Andres Felipe (2/28/20)
INCIDENCE WE WET THE NEIGHBOR Thank you very much Cristina. Always grateful for how well you work. My best greeting Paloma (2/19/20)
TENANTS Dear Marisa. The treatment we have had with you and with Juan Antonio the owner, throughout these years of the contract, is a pleasure. Serve this email to confirm our intention to continue with you professionally and extend the current contract. Cordially José Miguel and Ana María (1/28/2020)
SUMMARY OF INCOME AND EXPENSES 2019 Thank you very much, you are very professional and I am very happy with your services. Sincerely, Maria Soledad (1/27/2020)
Hello Cristina, as we have spoken by telephone please proceed with the reservation of the apartment. I take this opportunity to congratulate you for the management of the whole team of MADRIDALQUILA Best Regards Darío (1/24/2020)
WITHDRAWAL OF MANAGEMENT Good morning Marisa, As commented, I confirm that we are going to rent the house to some known people, so we have to cancel the contract we have with you. Thank you very much for your efficient management and at the time we need it we will contact you again. Best regards Maria del Mar (1/22/2020)
Dear friends in relation to the work carried out by Mr. José López throughout the rental management and delivery of keys of the villa located in the C / .... of Madrid, we declare that we are very satisfied with his work, which was difficult, since the tenant was very complicated, we give him the highest score. For the appropriate purposes receive a cordial greeting. Mercedes and Antonio (1/16/2020)
GRATEFUL CUSTOMER Cristina, thank you very much for your email. Unfortunately they have also accepted another offer that we had made for another location that interests us more by proximity, so I must inform you that we will not close the operation. However, I am very grateful for the good service we have received from the Madrid Alquila team, from the initial attention, appointment, visit to the premises, as negotiations with the owner. I remain very grateful. Thanks again Nacho (12/27/2019)
Thank you very much in advance for your time and services. We are very satisfied with your efforts. Also, happy holidays and have a very good exit and entry of the year. Best regards to all of you. David-Ken (12/27/2019)
INCIDENCE OF COLLECTION Dear Rubén. Unfortunately, our tenants have not paid us the water bills we send them. Please be kind enough to insist that they be paid with the rent for the month of January. I take this email to thank you for your professionalism, dedication and good work during this year and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020. Best regards Manuel (12/12/2019)
OWNER Continuing as it is to sell, and as you tell me, it is not worth to tune it up all right. As for the service, very satisfied with the speed and attention to any incident. Thank you very much for everything and best regards. Desiderio (12/5/19)
TENANT DEPARTURE Thank you Purification. I am very happy with your effectiveness, your good work and, above all, your experience that makes it easy for me to enter and leave tenants. Greetings Jose Manuel (12/2/2019)
TENANT DEPARTURE REPORT Good morning Leonardo, Thank you very much for the detailed report and photo report of the state of the house. I want to tell you that I think it's an impeccable, very thorough and professional job. I thank you because I was reassured to see the perfect state of the house and to see how well maintained it has been for the tenant who leaves it. I only have good words for the team of professionals that make up Madrid Rent. Regards, Matilde (11/18/19)
Good afternoon Marisa. I agree on the starting sale price of the apartment since you have more references of how the market is. Also I agree with the subject of locksmith and the date to start with the publicity, remember I told you not to put ads on the flat itself as I fear that someone is tempted to try to enter. One is afraid of the issue of squatters. Once again congratulate you for the good management of the apartment. Greetings Desiderio (11/5/2019)
WASHING MACHINE INCIDENCE Dear Cristina We want to thank your management and how quickly the solution. Thank you! Greetings Iliana (10/21/2019)
LANDLORDS Hi Marisa, We attach the new contract with Madrid Alquila completed and signed. We have had some doubts regarding the ... We trust you and the Madrid Alquila team. You have given us a very good service and we wanted to convey our satisfaction and express it at the time of the signing of the new contract. Nothing more, reiterate our satisfaction and gratitude for your services. And if you see that there is something wrong in the signature or something is missing, you tell us. We would like you to return us a signed copy. A cordial greeting! David-Ken and Jorge (10/21/2019)
Good afternoon Marisa, As for the penalty for the early termination of the contract, you can transmit to the tenant that I am NOT going to apply it. I agree to all the steps detailed in this email that you are going to carry out. I look forward to your news. Thank you very much for your great professionalism. Regards, Matilde (10/16/2019)
TENANTS We have been treated very diligently both in the process of analysis to opt for the house, as in the process of signing and negotiating with Sara Gómez who is very helpful, looking for the prompt and timely solution of any incident. Likewise, on two occasions I have talked with Cristina by phone and she has helped me with any questions with a lot of professionalism. We would recommend the Madrid Alaquila service to those who request us without a doubt. Currently we are going to report some minimal incidents of the apartment and we hope to meet the same careful customer service. Thank you, we are happy in the new apartment and neighborhood. Yasmari and Luis (10/11/19)
LANDLORD Good morning Marisa, in response to your question I confirm that I am happy with the service you provide me and in particular in the aspects in which you intervene. At first I was somewhat surprised at the way in which the management of an issue was raised but your participation in it put it in the expected direction. The issues that have emerged subsequently have been satisfactorily managed for me. Given the attention that my contract management requires, the price does not seem cheap, but I want to separate this aspect from my positive perception of quality. Thank you very much for everything and best regards, Palmiro (10/4/2019)
TENANT SATISFIED Dear Cristina, thank you very much for your efforts and help. We have been very happy with your services for 3 years. Regards, Ana (10/10/2019)
LESSOR AT THE BEGINNING OF CONTRACT Thank you Luis, I have opened the message without problems, I am delighted with the treatment received. Greetings Esperanza 9/27/2019
WATER TROUBLE Thank you very much Cristina. It is a pleasure to have you, a company that works very well. Greetings Paloma 9/23/2019
TENANTS DEPARTURE Good afternoon Leonardo. We are satisfied with the review work done. Thank you very much, it seems meticulous and complete. Regarding small arrangements, please send a quote ... That would be all. I am looking forward to your response. Your classmates tell me that we have potential tenants interested in entering the home the last week of September. Get in touch with them to coordinate everything. Best regards, Eugenio (9/13/2019)
PLUMBING INCIDENCE Good afternoon Nataly, first of all, thank you for the speed and efficiency to manage the incident. The operator has just finished, who, like the previous time he went to our house, has resolved the incident with unbeatable efficiency and kindness. We take the leak as resolved because what the operator has told us was a consequence of the drain, thus being able to use water again. Thank you very much, greetings. P.D: As we talked on the phone, we will leave the water tap closed these days just in case. Judit (9/13/2019)
TENANTS DEPARTURE Thanks Leonardo, great service. I would be grateful if you would pass me a budget for the complete set-up of the apartment following your suggestions and indications. Surely channeling everything through you is all more efficient and operational. I await your comments and thanks again for the complete report you send me. Regards, Patricia (9/9/2019)
LESSOR AT THE START OF CONTRACT Good morning Sara, Thank you very much for the efforts. Trust is earned with the good work you do. Greetings Jesus (6/9/2019)
BROKEN WASHER DOOR Hello Nataly, I attached the part of work / invoice that has left me. Thank you very much for everything, for the speed in the resolution and for the efficiency. Greetings and thanks again, Luis (9/5/2019)
LESSEE STARTING CONTRACT Hi Luis, good afternoon. Thanks for the summary. We were very satisfied with the attention you gave us during our visit to sign the contract, so our assessment is very good. Greetings and we keep in touch, Beatriz (3/9/19)
LESSOR START CONTRACT Dear Luis, thanks for the mail and the documentation. Very good management so far, thank you very much. Greetings Jose Antonio (2/9/2019)
OWNER SATISFIED Regarding the service provided by Madrid Alquila, the treatment has been great and very effective by all the members who have treated me so far: Marisa, Rosa and Luis. You have kept me informed at all times of the state of the house. I also highlight the professionalism of the team, as well as the quality of the work. I hope it stays that way. Thank you very much and best regards, Rebeca (8/27/2019)
LESSEE STARTING CONTRACT Good morning again. In another order of things, thank you for the interest shown to facilitate things during the time of processing the contract, your diligence and personal attention. Thanks Marisa, we are calm because we know that any problem that may arise will help us solve it. A hug and happy rest. Conchita (8/14/2019)
RENEWAL OF CONTRACT Dear Marisa, For our part we can continue with the same tenants as long as they are happy. We are delighted to continue having them as tenants. Let us know if there is something we need to do / sign on our part to continue the contract. Best regards and thank you very much for the great service you are giving us, for us of great value. Thank you! Ana and Carlos (8/13/2019)
START OF LEASE Good afternoon Luis, thank you very much for your information. In response to your request, I would tell you that I am very satisfied with the service you give me all my colleagues, Marisa, Cristina, Rosa, José and these days with you. You are very agile and precise. Send my thanks. Greetings Fernando (8/7/2019)
LEAK IN WATER COUNTER - Thank you very much Cristina, I am aware of the efforts you are making regarding the problem of water loss in the apartment of P ... I want to congratulate you on how well you are doing this and all the other steps that have been taken to lease this apartment. Best regards Soledad (8/2/2019)
DEPARTURE OF TENANTS Good afternoon Leonardo: Today I was personally seeing the house, and I have to tell you that both the photographic report and the detailed state of the house seem perfect to me. Congratulations. As for the recommended repairs, I take them into account, since I still don't know if the house will be sold or I will have to rent it again. Cordial greetings, Manuel (8/1/2019)
SINK REPAIR Very good Marisa, thank you very much. It is a peace of mind to know that you are available and settle the issue and more now that I am on vacation. Cheers and thank you again. Ana Belen (7/30/2019)
GAS HEATER REVIEW Many thanks, it is a pleasure to work with you. Alvaro (7/30/2019)
NEW TENANT ENTRANCE Good evening Puri, Thank you for your predisposition and the detailed explanation in the signature. The name of my wife: Inmaculada G ... Thanks for the information. Anything I get in touch with you. Greetings David (8/7/2019)
SIGNED CONTRACT Dear Luis, I just received the contract signed by Don V ... as well as the inventories, the list and the photos, everything seems right and to my satisfaction. I want to congratulate you for the magnificent work done, since there have been many small problems that have been presented and that have resulted in a multitude of queries, calls, and crossings of notes that I have been forced to perform, and that have been solved by You with great professionalism kindness and efficiency. My satisfaction has resulted in my son Jaime ... having decided to rent his apartment on Calle A ... through Madrid Alquila. Thanks for your patience and kindness. Marisol (6/6/19)
LEASE BEGIN Good morning Puri, Many thanks! Everything is perfect. I just wanted to ask you about the additional deposit that is written down by hand in the contract. Finally, did you include it? Where will you find deposited? I would just like to thank you for all the services provided. I would highlight your full dedication, professionalism and effective work as your flagship qualities. Thank you very much again. Marta (6/27/19)
INSTALLATION OF AIR CONDITIONING Hello. Thanks for all the management. You are great! Greetings Guillermo (24/6/19) INSTALLATION OF AIR CONDITIONING Hello. Thanks for all the management. You are great! Greetings Guillermo (24/6/19)
PLUMBING FAILURE Thank you very much Nataly I have called your office to personally thank you for your quick solution but I have been told that you were not working today. I am waiting for the work to be finished. Greetings Jesus (6/20/19)
OWNER SATISFIED The service provided by Madrid Alquila and, in particular, the one you provide has always seemed to us to be of great quality. Recommendable for all those who want to rent a property. Greetings and thanks for everything. Eduardo (7/6/2019)
TENANT OUTPUT REPORT ... Finally, the quality of your service seems excellent to me; the detail and the meticulousness of both the report and the photographic report are proof of this. A greeting. María Jesús (5/6/2019)
WASHING MACHINE Hello Cristina, Everything perfect, thank you very much for the speed in the management. A hug Jose M (5/21/19)
SATISFIED OWNER Dear Marisa, I have a lot of difficulty with the computer, to respond to your survey, I am asked to do things that are beyond my knowledge, but if I want to get my opinion about your management and I can say that I am very satisfied with she and with the treatment received. I hope it serves you something. Regards Hope (5/21/19)
HUMIDITY Thank you very much Cristina for the information and for your excellent efforts in the resolution of the incident. regards Alvaro (5/16/19)
EXIT REPORT TO THE OWNER Hello Leonardo, the repairs and cleanup attributable to the tenant would be appreciated if they were made. The others do not, because it is my intention to sell the apartment. A very detailed work. Thank you. Gonzalo (5/13/19)
MANAGEMENT OF INCIDENTS Thanks for the management, Nataly. Good job. Greetings, Pablo (5/13/19)
TENANT SATISFIED Good morning I am very grateful with your information, your management has been as always, very helpful for me and very professional. On Monday I will go to give the payment order to my bank. Thank you so much for everything. A cordial greeting. Beatriz (10/5/19)
OWNER SATISFIED Hello again Leonardo. I am very satisfied with the services of Madrid Alquila, from the beginning and in all the steps you provide a professional and close treatment, it is a service that I definitely recommend. Regards, Ana (4/26/2019)
SATISFIED TENANT Thank you Puri, excellent service. Regards Fernando (4/17/19)
SHUTTER REPAIR Good morning Marisa, yesterday afternoon, the rope of the second bedroom that was damaged was replaced. In principle everything is correct, timely, fast and professional. Thank you very much, Ana (4/4/2019)
ENTRANCE OF TENANTS Good afternoon, we are tenants who just entered their new apartment. I want to thank Madrid Alquila, especially Rosa and Puri. The entire process of visits to the property and signing of the contract has been very simple and explanatory. The communication with them has been very fast and friendly, a great team of professionals! Thank you very much for your help. Best regards, Alba (4/4/2019)
LANDLORD AT THE START OF CONTRACT Thank you very much, very good service as always, being in the details of each step of the process. Regards Cristian (3/4/2019)
SALIENT TENANT Good morning to all the work team of Madrid Rent! We leave what was our home for these six years and I only have words of thanks to you. I leave with a good taste in your entire management. I also want to offer apologies for the inconveniences that we have caused and if at some point there has been a misunderstanding in the same way I hope you can apologize. Greetings to all, Karen (1/4/2019)
INCOMING TENANT Good morning, Rosa and Puri Thank you very much for yesterday. The entrance to the house was very good. We were able to open the supply cutting keys and there was no incidence, so perfect. I am very satisfied with your service. Very professional and attentive at the same time. The response time to any questions is very good and everyone with whom I have spoken has a very close and friendly treatment. Keep on going! Thank you very much for your help. Regards, Joan (3/29/2019)
WASHING  MACHINE INCIDENCE Thank you very much for the confirmation. I am very satisfied with the way in which the incident has been managed by the continuous information on the evolution of the issue, the proactivity offering alternatives to solve it in the best way possible and for how quickly it was solved. Regards, Fernando (2/21/2019)
FINAL OF CONTRACT AND CONTINUATION OF TENANT Good evening, Marisa. Thank you very much for your effort and dedication. We are very satisfied with the work of Madrid Alquila and we recommend it whenever we can. It seems good to me that you try to negotiate the new contract according to the conditions you mention. Greetings and a thousands thanks. Xavier (4-2-2019)
LANDLORD SATISFIED Hello. Simply tell you that I am happy with your services and that you have been very effective, decisive and professional in all the aspects that have been presented. Thank you. Regards Jose Luis (24/7/19)
TERMINATION OF MANDATE Good afternoon Marisa, as I have told you this morning, for personal reasons I have to rescind the contract with you and return the deposit to the tenant. I would like to thank you for the service provided and that in the near future we can return to work, I am quite happy with the treatment received. Thank Puri, Nico and Cristina, who are the ones I've dealt with the most in one way or another; to you of course too. Calculate the expenses generated and tell me how I pay it. Thank you. Best regards Rodrigo (1/22/2019)
SATISFIED LANDLORDS We are very satisfied with the management that all the team of Madrid Alquila is doing with the rent of our apartment. Your work is efficient, fast and of quality. You are great professionals. Thank you. Regards, Adriana and Fernando (22/1/2019)
FEEDBACK FROM TENANT Hello Purificacion, thank you very much for the information. I send you the requested feedback of your services: • Good speed responding to my first contact through Idealista. Other agencies have not answered me yet. • Clarity in your mails explaining all the details, as well as clarifying the doubts in time and form in an excellent way. • Your explanation yesterday at the signing ceremony, very enlightening, with great detail. I especially liked the explanation of the inventory showing that you care for both owner and tenant. Thank you very much for your attention and availability. We continue in contact. Greetings Angel (1/16/2019)
QUICK RESOLUTION OF INCIDENCE Dear Marisa, yes the problem has been solved. The plumber told us that being standard parts the gums tend to yield, that is why our sink could lose some water from time to time. Thank you very much for the speed of the management. Greetings Marta (10/1/2019)
DETAILED EXIT REPORT Having had my property previously in other agencies, I am really grateful for your professionalism sending me a complete exit report with photos of every detail, it is the first time I have received such a good report, congratulations for your professionalism, I feel myself in good hands. Thank you. Sincerely, Javier (9/1/2019)
Perfect, thank you very much Puri, all great, I've put 5 stars in Google. Send me please the data of the tenant that will have the ADSL to manage the change through the employee portal as soon as possible. Greetings. Diego (12/28/2018)
INCIDENCE BOILER REPAIR Good morning. Yes, it has already been repaired. Thank you very much for everything and for your good management. Happy Holidays. Jose (12/24/2018)
Good afternoon Purificacion, thank you for sending me all this documentation. I'm sorry I could not answer before, but professional occupations do not leave me much time. I value the quality of the service provided in a very positive way. I will continue now answering other emails from your colleagues. Regards Agustin (12/16/2018)
Good afternoon How is everything?? I am writing to you because we intend to leave the flat the last week of January, we have had a job opportunity abroad and we have to go 6 months. It gives us great sorrow given that we are very comfortable, I suppose there will not be any way to reserve it for when we return, no? We would love to continue living there ... We still do not know the fixed date of the day in January, given that we have not purchased the flight but it will be between the 28th and the 31st. As in the contract it indicated that it had to be warned 2 months before, that's why I am writing you. Thank you in all ways for the service you have given us, the seriousness and professionalism before any problem that has arisen. I hope and wish that we will meet again. Thanks a lot for everything, kind regards!! Fernando (11/27/2018)
Thank you Mrs. Purification, thank you for your excellent attention, I will send you the photos and information requested this afternoon. Happy day!! Camilo (10/9/2018)
Dear Marisa, Yesterday the Lease Agreement was signed, and with these brief lines I wish to thank Puri for his excellent work. I am now waiting for your news. Attentive greetings, Juana (2/10/18)
LANDLORD Good afternoon Thank you very much for all the information Your service as always impeccable Regards Felipe (7/9/2018)
CERAMIC HOB Excellent Marisa, thank you very much! Regarding our perception of your services, from our point of view it is very reassuring for us as landlords to know that any concerns or problems that our tenants may have will be handled promptly and effectively by you, apart from ensuring a perfect collection management and payments, without us having to worry about it. Thanks for everything, Maria (6/9/2018)
Good morning Mrs. Rosa I am writing to thank you for all your attention, and that of Mr. José, who assisted us in the visit to the apartment on A... Street. That same day we were able to visit and rented other apartment in Moratalaz ... but I did not want to stop thanking your attentions, it was one of the best services we received from all the agencies contacted during the search. Thank you again, congratulations for your good service. Greetings Carolina (6/9/2018)
For our part Ines, we have been very satisfied with the attention received, so thank you very much for the effort you have made for our candidacy to be accepted. As we said on the phone, it has been a pleasure. An affectionate greeting Minerva (3/9/2018)
Good afternoon Nico, I appreciate the excellent management carried out by the entire Madrid Alquila team, in our apartment on Calle M... On the other hand Nico I will be on vacation from next Sunday 26 until September 11, in case there is any problem please communicate by e-mail as usual, the only thing that I will not answer you at the usual speed. I am very satisfied as I said for the services you provide. Best regards, Ana Maria (8/23/2018)
Very well thanks. During this time your service has been very satisfactory. Regards Antonio (8/20/2018)
Hi Cristina, The letter is from my father-in-law so please leave it to the janitor and we'll pick it up. Thank you as always for the efforts and for solving all the issues so quickly. Greetings Miguel Angel (8/8/2018)
As I am very satisfied with your professionalism, I leave in your hands the steps for the set-up of the apartment in ... I await the budget and settlement of expenses. Thank you very much and best regards. Mercedes (6/8/2018)
Good morning Leonardo Thank you very much for the information. As you indicate, we see it convenient to change the lock, since we do not know how they the keys have been used. As always, the quality of your service is excellent. Greetings Felipe (7/16/18)
LANDLORD Good morning Marisa, I comment you that the video conference yesterday night was a real success. The tenants have seen very reasonable the rise of the rent to 1,150 euros because they know very well how are the rentals in that area. The requests that they made were referred to repairs that two of them I did not accept understanding that they belong to the use of the flat and a third one regarding the repair of a door I assumed to be responsible for the expenses. For that matter, everyone agrees. Only the signing of the contract remains. For my part, I would like to thank you again for the professionalism with which you have led the negotiations and for the fluid communication we have had. Thank you very much. Good weekend, A big hug, Manuel (6/29/2018)
LANDLORD On the other hand, Marisa we want to comment that we are delighted with the efficient way you do the management of our property and we recommended you to a Spanish work partner, here in Sydney, who has a property on Fuencarral Street. His name is ... and he is likely to contact you in the next few days. Regards Axel K (6/29/2018)
How fast! You are the best! Thank you very much!!! Diana (6/6/2018)
LANDLORD Hi Marisa, Daniel Just thank you for all the work done to be able to sign today with the new tenants. They look like they're going to be good tenants ... By the way, Daniel, I have already left the remote control of the garage in the mailbox of the house, as I mentioned to Ismael at the firm. Thank you very much, regards José Antonio (6/22/2018)
LANDLORD Hi Javier: Just thank you for your attention. It has been very useful and also very fast. We have already given the order to continue with the lease, for now. Thank you very much for everything and I hope to coincide again. Regards, Andrés (6/21/18)
LANDLORD Good morning. Thank you very much for all the information. In reference to your service, as always very good. Greetings Felipe G (6/15/2018)
OUTGOING TENANT Hello Marisa, what's up? Yesterday I gave the keys and the apartment, just confirming if everything is in order? In relation to the cancellation of supplies I would appreciate if you could send me some proof that these are already written off. On the other hand, I am waiting for the return of the guarantee deposit in the following weeks as you indicate. Finally, I appreciate your support and in general to Madrid Alquila for this lease period. Regards Andrea (6/10/2018)
LANDLADY Good afternoon!!! As it is a very specific survey, I wanted to thank all those who have dealt with me, since apart of doing a very good job, you have a great patience and excellent relationship. Thanks to the team of Madrid Alquila Ana Isabel (5/25/2018)
TENANT Hi, I'm Antonio M, former tenant of San Cosme and San Damián. And I don't want pass by thanking you because you have always been there when it was needed and you have complied with everything. After a couple of bad experiences with landlords I will not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you very much and best regards, Antonio (5/9/2018)
RECOVER OF WATER RECEIPTS Dear Sandra, They finally pay the water receipts. Thank you very much for your perseverance and professionalism. Best regards, Manuel (4/12/2018)
Hello Marisa, I am very happy with the Madrid Alquila service and the management of the loft rental. Especially, very happy when last summer there was the incidence of the boiler and you took care of everything. The only downside of that incident is that the flooring was changed without my approval, because I could have chosen the type of material, quality and color, replacing the damaged one, since it is a major change in the loft. Otherwise, delighted with the service and continuing with you. Let's see if there is luck and we find new tenant soon! Thank you very much for everything, Beatriz (8/4/2018)
CONTRACT SIGNING Good morning. First of all, to thank Puri for his work, dedication, explanations and treatment towards us in yesterday's signature. You were really nice, Erica and I thank you very much. Jose Mª (4/5/2018)
GAS BOILER Hello good night, I send this message as a way of thanking for the management of the problem of the boiler, in addition I informe you what happened ... we appreciate the speed in the management of our problem, thanks. Alicia (4/5/2018)
MICROWAVE Good morning Puri I think the option of those two items is very good so they can choose the one they like best and within a very reasonable price range. Thank you very much for your professionalism and excellent treatment in resolving these issues that are a bit burdensome for us because of the distance and you solve them wonderfully well. Have a happy day A greeting. Carlos (3/15/2018)
Thank you very much for the management, both my sisters, owners of the property, as well as myself, we are very happy with your management. A cordial greeting Carlos (3/5/2018)
REVIEW OF RENTS Marisa, thank you very much for the information and for the success of the steps taken. Regards Rubén (12/2/2018)
Good afternoon Puri, With reference to the insurance of unpaid incomes, please go on. As soon as you hear about the dishwasher and the drain of the washing machine, please let me know. I reiterate my thanks to you for your professionalism and know-how. Greetings Carlos (1/2/2018)
Good evening, thank you very much Marisa for such a good management. Rocio (1/2/2018)
Good morning Puri, Thank you very much for your work, you are a professional from head to toe. A hug and a cordial greeting. Txema (01/31/2018)
MAINTENANCE The provision of expenses has already been made. Herewith I send you proof of the transfer. Thanks Nataly. Impeccable performance. Congratulations Pedro (26/1/2018)
Good afternoon Daniel, Thank you very much for your management of these works. I am very happy with the services you are managing. Regards, Tristan (1/18/2018)
Thank you very much Azahara. Excellent work once more. If I receive more mails of this type, do I send them back or is it not necessary? Good morning Pablo (1/16/2018)
Good morning, Purification. We congratulate you for you management, clear and efficient, in the processing of the lease entrusted to you. I emphasize your professionalism and competence, as well as the treatment provided. Thanks for everything. María José (1/15/2018)
PRICE REVIEW Dear Marisa, thank you for following this matter. I think the proposed new price is fine. I thank you very much for all your efforts. Take this to indicate that this weekend the apartment will be occupied by some friends. Greetings, Isabel (3/1/2018)
Hello Cristina, Thank you very much for the management with the insurance and for the included budget. I like the effectiveness and speed of this company. These days I am on vacation, so it will be from next week that I will start making decisions about the set-up of the apartment. Regards, Ivan V. (12/27/2017)
Good afternoon dear Cristina, we are very grateful for your great professionalism and how you are proceeding as well as for the email you just sent: it is perfect. We are very happy to be able to count on you, with all this trouble if you were not with us I do not know how we would have done it. Greetings Veronica (12.15.2017)
Good afternoon, I want to thank the professional help received by all your team, but especially Marisa Robles. The assistance received by Marisa Robles was exceptional. Thank you so much for everything. Miguel L (11/29/2017)
Thank you very much Cristina extended to all the team of Madrid Alquila. And congratulate them on their excellent way of solving things. Best regards Pedro (11/27/2017)
ELECTRIC THERMAL FAILURE Dear Azahara, on Thursday afternoon the new thermos was installed. It's great Thank you for your always diligent attention Alejandro (11/19/2017)
Agree. Thank you very much. I am very happy with the attention you give me. A hug Mercedes (11/7/17)
DELAY IN THE PAYMENT OF THE RENT Good afternoon Sandra! Great, then our tenants have everything up to date and I assume that the initiated default process will be canceled. Thank you very much for your efficient management. A greeting, Ana (10/16/2017)
PIPE OBSTRUCTION Thank you, Azahara, for the very precise and complete summary, as always. Have a good day.  A greeting, Maria and Matteo (19/9/17)
ECONOMIC REPORT SEPTEMBER 2017 All perfect, congratulations once again on how are you renting my mother's flat. Sincerely, Desiderio H (11/9/2017)
CHECK OUT  Cristina thank you very much. We are satisfied with the quality of service. The photos look great, they are of great quality, which is appreciated. Regards Cristina (8/8/2017)
Thank you Puri, go ahead with the review and actions that you consider advisable, because your attention and good judgment give us confidence. A cordial greeting. Emiliano (2/8/2017)
I would like to inform you that this time everything has been correct and the management very good, therefore I am very happy with you and the problems that have arisen have been solved, greetings and happy summer. Elena (7/28/2017
Hi Puri, First of all, thank you and congratulations for the good work you did during the signing of the contract. It was nice to see how well you knew everything about the apartment and the way you carried out the whole process. I write to you simply to remember several things pending to be done so that there are no mistakes and we can coordinate them as best as possible to solve them ... Regards Miguel Ángel B (7/25/2017)
Good afternoon Purificacion, thank you for this email. It's all clear. Simply, again, thank you for your work. From the moment we decide to hire your service, we can only say that it has been a success in every way. You have managed the rent and all our needs in a fast and efficient way, and for that, we only have to thank you for your work. We'll keep in touch. Thank you very much. Greetings Pablo A (7/24/2017)
Good afternoon Azahara, thank you very much for your management. It's great to work with you !! Good weekend!! Ana (7/21/2017)
Simply, as I already said, thank you for your service and professionalism during all this time. Really, we were delighted with your service and layout. Be assured that, for the future (if we rent again), as well as for those close friends who may be in the same situation as us, we will make a good promotion of you. In fact, a colleague in Paris got in touch with you thanks to my recommendation. Next week I will contact you again so that the issue of key collection and transfer to the tenant can be finalized. Again, thank you very much! A greeting, Pablo A (10/7/2017)
Good Morning. Thank you very much for the information and delighted with your service. As you know, it is possible that new tenants will shortly arrive, in which case I understand that cleaning will have to be carried out as soon as possible. On the subject of blinds send us the budget to fix them. Greetings Mariola C. (7/7/2017)
Diego, who was present with the maintenance, wants you to convey that he was delighted with professionalism and kindness. Elena H (7/7/2017)
Good morning, Cristina, I reaffirm myself in the survey I completed before. Therefore I am fully satisfied with the service you provide, both for the information you give me as for the resolution of the doubts I have. Summing up, the rating that I would give you is outstanding. Thank you very much. Fernando M (7/7/2017)
Hello Cristina. As for the quality of the service I would like to point out that it has been a pleasure to deal with you, with Maria and Rosa (among others, I am sure that I leave names). I would emphasize your professionalism, the readiness with which you have dealt with all the issues that I have raised, your flexibility in providing electronic format support (by email and telephone as needed) and the multidisciplinary capacity with which you have managed all the topics from the writing of the contract, review of defects, arrangements, search for subcontracts, etc. Thank you very much for everything and we keep in touch. Maria (6/22/2017)
I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the management carried out until the signing of the contract with the new tenant. It is to praise the punctual information received during the process, as well as the excellent treatment and manifest professionalism. Thank you very much. Best Regards Manolo (6/16/2017)
Good afternoon, I am satisfied with the service that Madrid Alquila has provided me so far. All the people I've dealt with have been efficient and kind. I hope everything goes well onwards.  A cordial greeting Mª Josefa (6/1/2017)
Marisa good morning I am just writing you to remark that Cristina's work the other day at the signing was outstanding. I have to say that I felt more than protected by how she led the conversations with the tenants, so I thank you how all the rental process was handled in general and how last friday Cristina managed the tenant's questions and requests . As not only should one complain about the bad things, I did not want to stop pointing out the good ones. Greetings Javier (05/22/2017)
Thank you very much Cristina, very professional, as always. With respect to your request for comments on the quality of your services, we are very happy with Madrid Alquila and all its services; It is for this reason that we have trusted you to find a home to buy (this apartment in particular) and put it in rent (it is the second one we have with Madrid Alquila). If we could just suggest a small improvement, regarding the communication in the search for a tenant phase, we think it would be nice to send at least every two weeks a summary of the activity related to the visits and the views of potential stakeholders... One last thing we wanted to comment - we have seen that the contract begins on May 1st, but the tenant may need to bring or buy some things before moving. If it can help, we would let the apartment available so that they can take advantage of the weekend for the moving and other tasks. Many thanks again, and have a good long weekend! Maria and Matteo (4/28/2017
Good morning Cristina, thank you for your service and management of the apartment, my opinion is satisfactory at all times, I hope to continue counting on your services in the future, a cordial greeting Sebastian (04/27/2017)
Good morning to all. Thank you very much for your attention and for the speed of your management in renting the apartment. For my part and to date, I am very happy with your work. Sincerely Pilar (4/24/2017)  
Thank you Cristina for your comments, we have been fully satisfied with the service provided. We are waiting for the repair of the air conditioning and your management on the parking place. Greetings Angel (4/22/2017)

Marisa, all very well. Especially your agility and speed throughout the process. Greetings Jose (4/18/2017)

Good morning, Marisa. Enclosed I submit the completed satisfaction survey.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the work done and to tell you that I am very satisfied with the treatment and the efforts made by the team of Madrid Alquila.

A cordial greeting. Gema (4/11/2017)
Good morning Marisa, I enclose all the requested information. Regarding the issue of penalty, the contracts are to meet them, however depending on your assessment of the state of housing, ie excellent, good, regular ... we will decide. If it is wrong, value and use bail. I think we can make an improvement in the next rent ... you will say. The insurance authorization I already sended it to you. In any case we appreciate the professionalism with which you have managed this contract. Sincerely, José (3/22/2017)
It has been a real success to have your company. From the first day we were able to verify your seriousness and the knowledge that you have about everything related to the lease.  All the doubts and problems that arose were solved fast and very effectively. The time needed to rent it has been very short. All the documentation and information about the tenants has been very complete. Therefore, if we had to put a note to your management, no doubt, it would be a ten. Thanks a lot for everything, kind regards. Jesus A (2/3/2017)
Hello Maria! Thank you very much for the contract! And thanks in general for the efficiency and speed of the whole organization. Yesterday 5 minutes after asking for the insurance quote, we had it in our inbox! Congratulations, Rosa and team, because if everyone in Spain worked like this, the country would go another way. 😉 We would only like to clarify what I show in the two screens ... A hug and thanks again for everything, Ana (3/3/2017)
Hello Puri, the quality of your service has been excellent, though the tenant is a bit punctilious. Thanks for the copies. I authorize to change the extractor in the kitchen. Please tell me the place where the tenant wants to change the tiles. Is it in the main bathroom? A greeting, Maria (1/3/2017)
Good Morning, We are very satisfied with your work and of course we would recommend your services to anyone who asks us for references. Thank you for your seriousness and professionalism. Regards, Demetrio (2/3/2017)
Good afternoon Cristina, We want to thank you and your partners, as well as to Benito the landlord, for your efficiency, availability and help. The problem was solved. The technician who came, Cesar, was very professional. Thank you very much. Greetings Joseph and Emilie (2/17/2017)
Thanks Puri, you have done a very good job. CONGRATULATIONS! As we discussed this afternoon at your office, I will be cleaning and removing the stains from the master bedroom, as well as repairing the hinges and cleaning the siphon myself . I will try to do it as soon as possible, although I estimate it will take about a month between drying the moisture, removing stains, re-drying, painting and drying the paint. I'll let you know as soon as it is ready to advertise. Greetings again, Eusebio (17/2/2017)
Good morning Purification. Thank you very much for the detailed information and for following up on all the topics. To date we are really veryhappy with the service received. Greetings, Milagros (2/6/2017)
It is the first time that I use this service but I have been very satisfied, both the treatment received and the clarity of all the operations performed. A greeting Mercedes (1/2/2017)
Hello Purificacion, I am very happy with the work that you have done. Everything has been very professional and leaving everything tied together so that all parties are happy. Casually. I rented the flat where Ilive now in Alcalá through a company similar to yours, 'A ... S ...' and I have noticed a big difference, I would certainly recommend your services. Thank you very much for everything, Carmen (31/1/2017)
Thank you for all the efforts made so far. So far I am satisfied with your services, I am well informed and all has been made with a high standard of professionalism.

My brother told me that there were problems with the bathroom faucet. Can you please arrange it? Thank you

I will answer the other mails tomorrow. A greeting Carmen (1/30/2017)
TENANT Good morning, thank you very much for everything, I am very satisfied with the services provided. Greetings Jesús R (31/1/2017)
Good morning, Okay so many thanks and congratulations to all for the management, the truth is that I have been very pleasantly surprised with the entire rental cycle (I hope you continue at this high level throughout the course). Good weekend. Best Regards Darío (1/27/2017)
Good morning,
Perfect then I await your news, thank you very much for your help and for the professionalism that you have demonstrated, I am glad to have chosen you.
Best Regards, Darío (1/27/2017)
Good morning Marisa, thanks for the report ... You ask me about the quality of your service: I can only say that it is great and we are very happy and with the intention of continuing to count on your services. Thank you very much, Adela (3/1/2017)
You have managed the rental of my home and I want to record the qualityof your work. The rent of a house generates much concern in the owner, but you have made me feel accompanied. You have done very well. Thanks Purificación, María, Rosa, Cristina ... Miguel (12/16/16)
Hello Javier, Thank you, as always, for your diligence. I encourage you to continue like this! Also, I take the opportunity to send you all the Madrid Alquila team my best wishes for this Holidays and the New Year. A greeting and many thanks, Ana (12/12/2016)
Good evening Puri We are really satisfied with the management. Everything is done well and very fast. I hope that the small things that still have to be resolved will be carried out as soon as possible, more than anything to keep the tenant happy. Thus I wish you to continue to be so effective and quick. The only thing I have to say is that I did not know very well who to address when I had a problem or some consultation to do because as you are so many people and I have dealt with a person for each thing, I was a little confused with this matter. I have already spoken with Maria about this "problem" that is not such, and she has told me that you are coordinated and it is the same to talk to one  or another person, so my final score is SUPERIOR. Greetings Lucia (12/5/2016)
Good morning Puri. We are very happy with the service you provide us. Not only because is very effective and complete, but because the treatment is personalized, it does not make you feel to be one of many. A greeting. Ana Martín (11/22/2016)  
RETURN OF DEPOSIT Received,thank you very much for the service renderedduring all this time. Thanks and regards. Fernando (11/16/2016)
WINDOW REPAIR It is already fixed, thank you very much for the efficiency! We are very happy, a greeting. Cinthya (11/16/2016)
The truth is that in general I am very happy with everything, since it began with the publicity of the property, the reports of visits, inventory, etc. I am happy with the result and I can only hope that we have found a good tenant, and that payments are made on time. At first I was a bit confused to receive emails from different people, each dealing with different issues, but logically you are a big agency, and that has resulted in a specialization of each person on different issues and I think the result has been positive. Thank you very much for everything and we keep in touch. Pedro (11/15/2016)
Yes indeed it is already solved, thank you very much for your efficiency! We are very happy, a greeting. Cinthia (11/16/2016)
I congratulate you for the report and for your management throughout the time the lease contract has lasted. You have done an excellent job. Can we visit the flat already? A greeting Ismael (18/10/2016)  
Thank you Purificacion. First, I am very grateteful for your professionalism. Although I had some delay in the initial steps of the rental with other employees (the paperwork in particular), I am very happy with your service the day you handed me the keys of the apartment. I will make the necessary arrangements with the bank  to pay the rent. I am also informed about the taxes to pay. Regards, Juan Carlos (10/17/2016)
I am very satisfied with the quality of service provided to date by Madrid Alquila. You are very kind and effective in management. I am sure that nothing will change in outstanding performances. I always will accept any reasonable request of the lessee. A cordial greeting. Manolo C (10/16/2016)
Your service to date is very good, you are fast and effective. I have just a little niggle is that having a person destined to every aspect (very professional thing), I find a little lost when talking to someone in particular, ie a person as more confidence to which always address and who knows a little the general history of my lease (budgets, arrangement, contract, contact with tenants ...) And the budgets that you give me to arrange several things I wish they were as cheap as as possible. Otherwise you seem to me very professional and I am happy with your service.   Best regards, Marian (10/13/2016)
We are really happy with the service provided to date. You have met our expectations and, what is even better and usually difficult to find, what you had previously promised. You have found a tenant for the apartment, in the best possible conditions for us and also in a short period of time. You have also done all the paperwork, and cleaned the flat, without causing us the slightest discomfort and in a professional manner. We thank you for the service, and we hope to continue with you all the time that we intend to have our house rented, mainly because you have earned our trust. Best regards, Paul A (08/10/2016)
Hi. I've said this several times by phone, but wanted to thank the attention that you place every time I call to ask any question ... To highlight are the friendliness, efficiency (and patience) of the people who work there. I think these qualities are as necessary as worthy to mention and thank. A greeting. Diego G (10.06.2016)  
Regarding the service you carry, I am very happy and whenever I had the opportunity I have recommended it to other people who I knew were going to rent their home. To me it is a very convenient service and I think you do it very professionally. To date I´m very far from having any complaints. So my congratulations to you all, greetings. Alfonso (06/10/2016)
As in the previous occasion, I have only positive comments about the quality of your management, fast and effective. Thanks for everything. Carlos R (3/10/20106)
Regarding the comment that you requested, we can say that we are absolutely satisfied with the work and the results we have obtained from your management, not in vain we have been working together with different properties many years. Thank you very much. Jose Luis C (05/10/2016)
Good morning Puri. Forgive the delay, we've been out. We are very happy with your service, you have been very helpful. We will definitely recommend you. A greeting. Isabel M (05/10/2016)
Dear Marisa: This email serves first to respond to emails you sent me on August 30 and September 12, 2016 on the subject, confirming that I agreed in how to approach the negotiation of the renewal of the new lease as you proposed. I did not respond immediately to them because I have not Access to my email when I'm out of Madrid, as it has been this time. Secondly, with respect to the communication you send me in this mail 09.20.2016, of monthly increase of 20 € in the new contract to sign, I recognize the diligence you have  had to gain acceptance of the tenant to the arguments raised. I send a cordial greeting, Andres P (06/22/2016)
REPAIR Yes, these things are already repared. Technical staff very competent and very correct, no complaints with him. Greetings Rodrigo (23/09/2016)
Good afternoon Purificacion We agree with everything you have sent to us. Thank you for your management, not only to you but also to Maria and Rosa. The treatment and professionalism have been exquisite. Thank you very much. A greeting. Blanca(20/09/2016)
As for the service of Madrid Alquila, I must tell you that I've been very happy with the care given to me, you have sent me the answers to my questions and my deposits were received on time. You have served me very well when we've talked and managed the tasks that have emerged. Many greetings and thanks. Alberto M (19/09/2016)
Hello Maria. I think it is a very fine contract. Congratulations. Jose C (09/05/2016)  
Thank you very much for your good management. Both in giving me orientation and in answering my questions, your performance was always impeccable. Greetings B (05/09/2016)
Good morning Cristina, we have already received all the information you sent. I think I speak for both my brother and me, we are both very satisfied with the service you provide to carry out the renting of our flat in Bustamante street with full warranty and mainly, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that things are handled properly and with maximum guarantees, both for us and for tenants. A greeting and thank you very much again. (8/31/2016)
Thank you for your email information 31/08. announce my full satisfaction with the quality of your services. So far the approach to operations and the information received seem impecable and I congratulate you. Pedro (09/01/16)
Thanks to all the MADRID ALQUILA team for their efforts and involvement. I have little time working  with MADRID ALQUILA and my situation living abroad and travelling a lot needs a good service and so far is what I'm getting. Please welcome the new tenants on our behalf, we wish them to enjoy the house as we did ...  Greetings Roberto P (01/09/2016)
The service provided by all the staff from the beginning to the end  has been exceptional. A very professional job, from the steps of paperwork to supervise all the details of the house. Greetings Marisa (01/09/2016)
Convey satisfaction for their services as both from Maria and from Cristina so far. I hope to resolve cleanliness issue soon. Thank you very much Luis and Carmen ( 08/26/2016 )
Dear Cristina , Thank you very much for your support in delivering our flat. Regarding the service , generally from the beginning in my contact with you , the questions and answers to my questions of great quality, both in time and fit and friendly service , my opinion is very positive, with almost nothing to improve . Best Regards Juan Carlos ( 08/26/2016 )
Madrid Alquila service has always been great and very attentive, made me possible to rent my flat from abroad in the confidence that everything was in good hands. Thank you very much for your services. Please send a greeting to the new tenants, I hope they will be happy in the flat. Regards Patricia (08/19/2016)
Thank you very much for the selection of new tenants and successful new lease contract, all in very short time. It's been perfect! I'm very happy. A cordial greeting, Ingo (07/26/2016)  
I am delighted with your service and your patience! It's nice to meet so clear and professional people. The next time I rent I will not hesitate to put myself in your hands! Many thanks for everything! Monica (07/19/2016)
  Good morning, Cristina. Thankd for your information. I hope the house is rented soon again  and hope that the use of the previous tenant has not harmed it. For my part I am completely satisfied with your services. In fact it was what I expected when I decided with my brother to hire you. I await your news, receive a greeting. Vicente (7/14/2106)
Thank you so much for everything. We are very pleased with the quality of service and certainly will recommend if someone you know need to rent your home. A greeting and thank you very much again. Javier C (07.09.2016)
As always, your management is impeccable and effective. Of course, you you gain the trust of those who, like us, place their business in your hands. A hug Gaspar F (07.08.2016)

It is a pleasure working with you, for speed and efficiency. I would like that the person who has taken personal contact makes the choice between the 2 profiles, a cordial greeting. Ingo (7/8/2016)

Excellent, reliable and relaxing confidence to the landlord who can put all of it in the management of Madrid Alquila. That is why I am with you and left the previous agency. Javier S (07.07.2016)
REPORT Thank you for the report, because you detected details that I have overlooked, such as the loss of the tanker, closing the door to the balcony, blinds that do not close at all, etc. As for the valuation of your service, I really can not have the slightest complaint, so far everything has gone perfect. Again thanks and best regards. Eusebio M (07.06.2016)
At last someone professional, tomorrow we have a visit to one that offers it for months and if it dont fit us we would contact you. But it is a pleasure an email like that! Greetings Roberto P (07/04/2016)
We are happy with the management of Madrid Alquila broadly, especially in speed to rent the apartment and the ideas (which we gladly accepted) to facilitate access to housing the new tenant taking into account the accident. However, there has been a situation we did not like much about the accident on the flat. Your salesman did not close the tap after the visits with such bad luck that a pipe was dripping and dripping wáter and after two days wet the downstairs neighbor and flooded part of our house . We were warned a Saturday morning while we were out of Madrid at a wedding and we had no emergency phone of Madrid Alquila. We had to mobilize a relative who had to go to another house to collect the keys. We were also advising the insurance  company in the early hours. In the end, I found a card of Javier Carriles and call him to his mobile phone. Very gently, he moved to the flat and took over the matter. This incident has made us a major upset although it seems that is almost solved. In order to improve your services, we need a emergency phone number in case something happened after hours (6/8/2016)
Thank you so much for everything! The service has been great, super fast and all very friendly !! Thank you very much. Andrea. (6/6/2016)
PROPRIETARY Good afternoon. The treatment, in your management of rental apartment C ... 29, has been excellent. Kisses. Araceli (6/8/2016)
SUPPLIES  Good morning Concepcion. Of course, we agree with the management performed. A greeting and thanks for the great job. Gema (06/07/2016)
BOILER Dear Marisa: very grateful for your efficiency. I am out of Madrid now. Regards Mario (06/06/2016)
Alleluia!!!! What would we do without you? Thank you Marisa and company !!! Elvira S (6/1/2016)
LANDLORD Thank you for your email. I inform you that I have already received payment in my account, everything right. For now, I am very happy with your service. All very transparent, well documented, and a prompt service and quality, at least for me, and I am sure also for the tenant. Please transmit my thanks to the whole team. Thank you very much, greetings Jose Antonio
TENANTS Good morning Purificacion ! We loved your care and how you explained us everything.  Thank you very much. We will contact you soon to see how to proceed with the ítems we want to be removed. Cheers and thank you again. Noemi and Juan Angel (28/05/2016)
My property in St. A ... 84 has been previously managed by ALQUILER S , for 7 years. I have to say that as I have seen the excellent efforts by MADRID ALQUILA and how you managed my other property in St. G ... 22 and in both cases Cristina Montero has taken all the steps in a manner not only satisfactory but absolutely excellent (I've had experience with two other agencies and you do much better) I decided to put also the flat of the St. A ... 84 in your hands. I want to congratulate you and thank you the way you have managed everything and especially Cristina Montero. Her prompt customer treatment, how to solve the problems that sometimes arise and above all the tranquility you've provided me all this time after seeing her efforts, I can only thank her and put in her hands this another flat, and of course if any other ownwer ask for an agency, I will recommend MADRID ALQUILA. One feels compelled to acknowledge when things are well done. Count with me if you need any reference. My mother, will continue to represent me in my absence. MADRID ALQUILA thank you so much, thank you so much Cristina Montero. Sincerely Javier (05/20/2016)
REFRIGERATOR Good afternoon Purificación, the refrigerator is installed already. Thank you very much for your prompt service and attention to the problem emerged with the refrigerator. Greetings Enrique (05/20/2016)
Good afternoon: Speaking on behalf of Doña Leonor, she is very satisfied and relaxed with your services, your attention is prompt, competent and trustworthy. MADRID ALQUILA efforts could not be better, they are extremely effective.  Greetings Begoña (20/05/2016)
WASHING MACHINE Thank you so much again Marisa. This is indeed a quality service. You can leave the warranty documentation to the concierge. I await your instructions to make the payment. Best regards, Palmiro (05/18/2016)
INCIDENCE Good morning Marisa. Thank you very much for the information and the steps taken to this issue. To date my level of satisfaction with you is high. Both baseline activity and pre-lease paperwork. Greetings Teresa (05/17/2016)
Muchas gracias por todo. Y nuestra valoracion sobre vuestros servicios siempre es excelente y recomendable 100x100. Saludos Elvira (26/4/2016)  
NEW OFFICES MADRID ALQUILA Congratulations. It is good news as a result of your good management efficiency and full of warmth. My best greetings. Paloma de la P(04/25/2016)NEW OFFICES
Good Morning, You seem to me, so far, very good at what you do. Greetings. Fernando M-C (04.22.2016)
Hi Marisa, For some reason our server did not download my emails promptly and ...  I also just wish to say thank you to your agency for the professionalism exhibited during the course of our tenancy. Regards, Michael B (22/4/16)
Thank you for the information. I am truly more than satisfied with the efforts made by the team of Madrid Alquila. There have been many things done in recent months and any request on my part was done almost immediately. I believe that faster is not possible. All without losing quality at work and maintaining constant communication. Again thank you very much for everything. Greetings Christian G (22.04.2016)
Good morning Puri, Thank you for the speed to make the contract. It is like a dream to have now the peace to live the orderly life I really need. A million thanks, beauty. Greetings Silvia (13/4/2016)
Good morning, I am Amalia C., one of the owners of ...., 3rd A. I attach the permit to recover the deposit from IVIMA. 
Greetings and thank you very much for your work (7/4/2016)
As for our satisfaction with the management of Madrid Alquila, we are very satisfied from all points of view, both management of the flat (advertisement, lease, troubleshooting, etc.) and information we have been receiving timely in all aspects (rent, incidents, etc.). We continue to rely on Madrid Alquila for the management of future rentals. Thank you very much for your work and attention. A cordial greeting. Gema D (7/4/2016)
DAMPNESS Thank you Marisa, for the information and for the management. Greetings Gema D (04/07/2016)
Dear, I'm happy with your collaboration and management you are doing. Best regards. Ana (04/04/2016)    

Thanks for everything. As you know, until today I am very grateful and satisfied with the efforts made on renting my house. Greetings Carlos L. (04/04/2016)

Once again thanks for your excellent management. We are extremely pleased with your work. A greeting Xavier G (24/3/2016)  
Very good care and concern for customers, attentive at all times. Gabriel G (8/3/2016)
FRIDGE Good morning; We have already received the refrigerator, and removed the old; this afternoon proceed to plug. Thank you very much for the quick incident management.   Greetings Fran (09/03/2016)
I felt at ease because I have the impression of being attended by professionals. Alejandro U (03/03/2016)
Good morning Purificacion, Are you managing the issue of the energy certificate? I think I asked your companion Rosa to solve this and bill me after. A greeting and thank you very much for the efforts. Very good work. Goyo (03/03/2016)
Hello good afternoon Informed of the cessation of the lease by tenants, thank you for your attention and good management. I attach the signed contract, which you must send to IVIMA, to collect the deposit, I don´t wnow wether you will need the original or a  scanned copy  will be enough We hope to hear from you as issues are being solved. We are at your disposal for anything. Of course we want to rent the property again and we want you to manage again. Thank you. Best regards. Mariano S (02.03.2016)
Hello Purificacion, Thank you very much for the mail. Everything OK. This week I will write you in more detail. I will enclose photos with things I want  the owner to take away, if he wants to do so. See you soon! Again, thank you very much for everything! Greetings, Saskia (02/03/16)
Good morning Purificacion, Thanks again for the efforts, it seems that it's all up !! Best regards, Beatriz (2/3/16)
BUREAUFAX It's all very well, only in the second picture I rather would say ... Otherwise all great. Ahead with the burofax !!! Thank you for keeping me informed and do things so well. M (25.02.2016)
REPAIR OF FAILURE Hello Cristina, I received the call from the insurance technical staff. I authorize to proceed with the repair  as it is shown in the present mail.  I have already communicated my decisión to the insurance by the phoneas they asked me before leaving the house. Thank you very much for your efficiency and effectiveness. Regards, A (02/18/2016)
REPAIR PLUMBING Hello Cristina: Yesterday the plumbers came to repair the leaking radiators. Everything was great, very professional, clean, orderly and timely. We ask them a card to recommend, or to call them ourselves, if necessary for any purposeWe will be watching these days if there is another leak, which I do not expect. Thank you. Regards  Luis (09/02/2016)
PROBLEM OF LIGHT Thank you very much, satisfied because you solved the problem very  fast, you are very nice. Ivon H (05/02/2016)
Dear Sirs, I inform you that as of early March (the exact day I still don´t know) I will leave the rented condo .... Thank you for your help and service during this two years and three months. Looking forward to specify the details with you. Yours sincerely, Mark S.  (02/01/2016)
NEIGHBOUR´S DAMPNESS INCIDENT COMPLETED I  am satisfied the way you managed the problem. Greetings Esperanza S (13/1/2016)
Purification good morning, So far all the management with you has been without problems, solving my doubts swiftly and quickly. The process has been clear and have helped me in everything I requested. Thank you. Alvaro H (12/01/2016)
Hello Cristina. First of all, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that today the plumbers came to make a diagnosis of the situation of heating radiators, so I again thank you for your good work that has pleased us a lot. Greetings Aitor A (11/01/2016)
Cristina, thank you very much, from here I can only say that, thank you very much. You can not imagine the tranquility that means for me your management. I am confident that I am leaving this in save hands, and I can also see that you are fully aware of the problem !! A million thanks Javier S (12/17/15)
My opinion on the management of MADRID ALQUILA, can not be better. Humane treatment impeccable. Immediate response. Administration / billing very effective. Last month I duplicated the transfer of the rent and before I realized they called to warn me. Very, very happy. Thank you
At the moment everything has been fast and well managed I appreciate your help Greetings L
Good morning Purificacion concerning the services provided so far by Madrid Alquila. I am very satisfied with the care and the speed with which you have carried out the proceedings. I am pleased to manage this lease through you.
Good afternoon. In relation to the heater I favor the Junkers brand that was recommended to me by the installer. For the rest I agree. Let me know if I should make the payment to the installer or to you. I guess you can call me when the job is done. Greetings and congratulations for the speed in the process and with everything related to the house.
Good Morning, I have read and I agree with the lease contract. In relation to the management of the rental payment, I prefer to leave as it is now, for me it is easier to check monthly, otherwise it would generate another monthly movement. Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient management radiator repair. Sincerely,
Our perception of the service is very good. Everything has been very simple and quick, effective negotiations with the tenants, the firm, particularly in terms of facilitating all the procedures which ultimately is the goal of all this, the treatment was very good. Regards
First, mention that our impression about your service has been excellent. Both by email and in person you have been vigilant and have resolved every question we had, so we are grateful to have found our rented flat in Madrid Alquila. On the other hand, through which department of Madrid Alquila we have to ask the owner´s permission to make some changes in the apartment? Thank you very much and best regards, E
So far we are very satisfied with your services. Both the personal, and the speed of response and professionalism you have shown throughout. No doubt we are convinced we made the best of the choices with you. Thanks for everything, Javier R
I want to thank each and every one of you for the treatment received, Ana Maria, Puri, the man who came to sho the flat - dont remember his name- , maybe I sound silly, but I've been looking for an apartment for my son and myself for 2 months and all were problems, you made things very easy, both in the negotiations as humanely, during some time we found only obstacles to start a new life for my son and me, and you are people that make possible to start again, for us it was very important to start again, and as my mother says to be grateful is to be well born, thank you very much indeed ... M and A
Well, I have only good words, from the beginning to make an appointment to visit the apartment the treatment by the phone as in person with the agent was exceptional. When I saw the flat I called to know the documents needed and how to make a reservation.. Maria was the one who has been always taking to me, a charm and very professional and decisive. I think the same day I send most documents and a few days I had an answer that my payroll / contract was sufficient for the insurance to rent the apartment. Mary was following up with me and I appreciated it. Before signing the contract, giving me the details about the appointment, contract review, etc. Great too. And the girl who was at the signing also very good, showing me the flat and making sure everything worked properly. During the short time that I have been in this lease, as smoothly, I have not had many doubts but you have always resolved quickly. Including the change in supplies, so I have not had any problems In short, a great and decisive attention to customer. I had no problems with the flat but I'm sure if I ever need assistance, I'll have no problem. Thank you!
Overall I am happy with the performance of the agency so far. I take this opportunity to remind you to give me a second set of keys, as commited on the date of signature. Regards M
The truth is that I am happy with you so far. From the first contact in your facilities to the delivery of the documentation signed by the tenants. Transparency has been absolute in all aspects: the visit to the apartment, the necesary previous repairs, the definition of the rental price, as well as the information on stakeholders and the signing of the contract. All has been done very openly, and reported minute by minute by mail or phone. I am so glad !! Thank you for your efficiency. Keep it up!!. Regards A.
I want to highlight the services and care Madrid Alquila has given me this time and thank the kindness and prompt response that I have obtained. I have been very pleased with your attention and dedication. I appreciate immensely.
They have come and seen the bathrooms. Discarded a plumbing issue and verified that the water filters through the wall between the tiles. They tell us that a plumber will come to see for it. Greetings and thank you for your prompt and efficient response
Very grateful for all the efforts, the formidable way you are handling all arrangements and I transmit you my joy to manage my flat with Madrid Alquila. Sincerely
This is only to congratulate you for the kindness and quality service they have given us since the first day we went to inform to rent an apartment until the signing of the contract, all the staff we had a wonderful performance both in treatment and knowledge of the service. Congratulations!!
I had never handled a rental apartment through an agency and so far I enjoyed the experience. The ease of entry into the apartment and above all the checks performed on the premises so that both parties know the actual operation of all, is what I liked more.
I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the service I have received and with the professionalism and assistance of each and every one of the team. Congratulations
We should have the mobile phone number of the person assisting us because sometimes when you call you have to tell the whole story again to a different person to resolve a problem.
Very pleased. I haven’t had any problems. A good service.
In general, I am pleased with your company’s work. The only thing is, I would like future letting contracts to clearly specify that maintenance repairs should be paid for by the tenant, as well as any repairs made to domestic appliances during the tenancy, as I have had a problems with this. Regards, Juan Carlos C.
For now, I haven’t had any problems, issues or any need to CONTACT you. Everything is perfect.
Assistance is quick; however, the solutions and follow-up of issues should improve.
I am very pleased with the management and personal approach when required.
Up until now there haven’t been any issues, but I am sure they would deal with them well. Thank you and regards.
I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of the service and with the professionalism and assistance of each and every one of the team members. Congratulations.
I am not yet familiar with the post-lease service, but everything up until now has been correct. Thank you.
We are very happy with Madrid Alquila. The staff are always on hand and problem solving is good and effective.
I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything right now. In general, I am quite satisfied with your work.
We are very pleased with your work and professionalism.
We haven’t been with your company for long and the flat was already let. Let’s see if it is let and to someone normal, who looks after the flat as is expected. The other property was also let and I don’t like that they pay on the 8th day of the month when their contract says they must pay before the 7th. I’m not sure if a problem with damp in the bathroom was fixed in the flat on calle Jacinto Camarero. I guess so. I sent gas invoices to Arévalo. I would like there to be some way of knowing that documents, information or even an email have arrived, like the double tick on WhatsApp.
We have only been working with you for a few months. In general, we are very satisfied. We hope you carry on as you are. Thank you. Best regards, Miguel A.M
I would like financial issues related to certain issues to be a little faster and clearer. With regards to everything else, we are delighted to be working with you.
Hello Javier, I would just like to reiterate again how satisfied I am with your work as the head manager of Madrid Alquila and with your team. I was very pleased with how I was kept up-to-date with the issue at the flat in Ríos Rosas. As an owner of two flats in Madrid and, at the same time, as a tenant in Switzerland, I appreciate how you always have my best interest at heart with respect to tenants and at the same time how you mediate between tenants and landlords without damaging the tenants’ rights. Please pass my comments on to your team. A big thank you to everyone, M B

Many times, we see web pages with a lot of information and a very modern aesthetic but nevertheless we do not know how the company is inside and many doubts arise: What happens if the tenant does not pay the rent on time or if he stops paying? How do I know that Madrid Alquila is efficient in solving incidents? How do I know what price is appropriate for our home or if the tenant is solvent and has an adequate profile for my property? The best way to transfer the quality with which we do our work may not be what we can say about us but what our clients say! That is why in this section you can see everything our customers think of Madrid Alquila in a transparent and 100% real. In addition, the messages sent to us are completely updated so that you can verify that over time, we do not rest impeccable work to have our owners very satisfied with Madrid Aquila, your opinion, is very important to us.

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