Tenant protection

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Virtual tour

Our video virtual tours allow you to visit the properties available as many times as you want, at your convenience, for you to be able to have a closer look on them. Thus, you will not need to get there and, saving you time. You can find the videos on the real estate websites and on YouTube, or contact us to receive them. Contact us to arrange a visit on site to your dream house whenever you want. Please call 914 131 100 or send an email to  clientes@madridalquila.es

Electronic signature

You can also sign the contract electronically with every guarantee, so you will not need to get to the property

Reviewed and clean properties

We hand over  properties reviewed and clean, and you will have a month to check whether the appliances in the inventory work correctly.

Free call centre for tenants

The tenants of the properties managed by MADRID ALQUILA may contact us for FREE throughout the duration of their contracts for any query, issue or claim, during business hours. Please call 914 131 100 or send an email to clientes@madridalquila.es



In Madrid Alquila we offer a free service of help and protection in a personalized way to the tenant, accompanying you throughout the contract and resolving all the doubts, incidents and claims that may arise throughout the stay. Learn more below!

MADRID ALQUILA has a team of experts composed of lawyers, real estate agents, technical architects, economists, an excellent sales team and an extensive network of maintenance collaborators, all with experience to provide you with the best service. The informative transparency is our sign of identity, you will receive a personal and direct treatment and will always be informed.

We seek protection for the tenant: Our incident department is our virtue! If for example the boiler is broken, the tenant only has to send an email with the photo and the brand of the broken boiler and we will inform you as soon as possible with a solution: we will find the technician that best suits your needs with a budget and once you approve the budget we proceed to repair or replace it.

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